Fireworks Chemistry Quiz

Do You Understand the Science of How Fireworks Work?

Take this fun quiz to see if you understand the science of how fireworks work.
Take this fun quiz to see if you understand the science of how fireworks work. Katsumi Murouchi / Getty Images

1. Firework colors are produced by luminescence and incandescence. Which incandescent color is coolest (temperature)?

2. Luminescent colors are produced by heating metal salts to exhibit colors. Which salt might produce a green firework?

3. Early fireworks were firecrackers made by igniting paper-wrapped gunpowder. What are the chemicals in gunpowder?

4. Firecrackers explode, while sparklers do not. Why do the chemicals in sparklers emit sparks rather than blow up?

5. If you wanted to make a firework yourself and it called for powdered chemicals, it would be better to:

7. Chemical purity is important for firework colors. Which contaminant is so bright yellow that it overwhelms other colors?

8. The colored smoke in smoke bombs comes from:

9. Aerial shells are launched to explode into fireworks. Original shells were rockets, using what chemical as a propellant?

10. Early fireworks were intended to make a big bang rather than display pretty colors. The purpose of the loud sound was:

Fireworks Chemistry Quiz

You got: % Correct. Fireworks Science Dud

I got Fireworks Science Dud. Fireworks Chemistry Quiz
You don't know enough about fireworks science to make a big firework, but you're on your way!. Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images

If you were designing a firework, you'd likely have blown yourself up or else created a dud. That's okay, since the quiz was just for fun! Maybe you learned a few things, too. If you want to learn more, here's a quick review of the science of how fireworks work. Ready to try another quiz? See which alchemy element you are.

Fireworks Chemistry Quiz

You got: % Correct. Fairly Competent at Fireworks Science

I got Fairly Competent at Fireworks Science. Fireworks Chemistry Quiz
Now that you know about fireworks chemistry, get out there and celebrate!. Uwe Krejci / Getty Images

You knew a fair amount about the science how how fireworks work. Maybe now you know even more! Ready to make your own firework? Start with a homemade smoke bomb or super-safe black snake fireworks. Ready for another quiz? Let's see if you're remotely safe in a science lab!

Fireworks Chemistry Quiz

You got: % Correct. Fireworks Science Superstar

I got Fireworks Science Superstar. Fireworks Chemistry Quiz
You know a lot about the science of how fireworks work!. Laura Munari / EyeEm / Getty Images

You aced this quiz. Great job! Next, you can put your knowledge to practical use and try making your own homemade fireworks. Would you rather try another quiz? See if you know the meaning of lab hazard symbols.