First Ladies Quiz

How Much Do You Know About America's First Ladies?

Six First Ladies At President Bush Library
Six First Ladies At President Bush Library, 1997. David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

1. She served as national Girl Scout president.

2. Her tenure as First Lady was the shortest length of time.

3. Her daughter married Jefferson Davis, against the wishes of her parents.

4. She was the last First Lady to keep a family cow at the White House.

5. She convinced her husband to vote against an import tax on snuff.

6. Liquor was banned from the White House when she was First Lady.

7. She wrote a newspaper column six days a week while First Lady.

8. The future President first proposed to her after he and she auditioned for parts in a local theatre group.

9. She was the wife of one president, and daughter-in-law of another president and First Lady.

10. She was the first President's wife not to be raised in a comfortable or wealthy family.

11. She was an invalid while First Lady; her daughters stepped in to help.

12. Her bachelor's degree was in education and her master's in library science.

13. She had not resumed the First Lady's duties when her husband was shot.

14. She was a descendant of Pocahontas.

15. She had also been courted by the man who ran against her husband.

16. She was the first First Lady to live in the White House.

17. She served as official hostess for her uncle, the only bachelor president (he remained unmarried).

18. She met her future husband at a country club dance, and later said, "I married the first man I ever kissed…."

19. She raised funds to found Johns Hopkins University Medical School.

20. She helped introduce the polka to America.

First Ladies Quiz

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Martha Washington. Stock Montage/Stock Montage/Getty Images

You aren't very familiar with the First Ladies, are you?  These wives of American presidents sometimes wielded political influence and sometimes helped with their husband's public image, so they are worth learning more about.

First Ladies Quiz

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First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the White House, 2000. Getty Images / Michael Smith

You know a fair amount of First Lady trivia. Not too bad!

Some of these women had influence over politics and social issues, some helped with their husband's image, so you might want to read more about these interesting women.

First Ladies Quiz

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Rosalynn Carter, Barbara Bush, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton, at the 20th anniversary celebration of the Betty Ford Center. David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images

You really know your First Ladies!  Congratulations!

Whether influencing public and social policy, aiding their husband's image, or staying out of the public eye, these women were some of the most well-known women of their times.