Fish Surfboards and Funboards

dakine kane/flickr/CC BY 2.0
Both the fish surfboard and the funboard fall into the category of surfboards known as the hybrid, which has the thickness and width of a longboard (thus allowing the rider to catch infinitely more waves). But the hybrid is also short like a, well, short board. This quality enables the rider to turn faster and with more sharpness.

The Fish

Retro fish are everywhere these days and offer loads of loose, wave catching fun with their excessive width and thickness, but the wide split (swallow) or fish tail and short length make the boards so loose that they are NOT the best choice for beginners.

Fish surfboards generally have a wide point farther up towards the nose and a wide swallow-tail (at least 6 inches between the points).

Essentially they look like a fish!

Fish surfboards are usually under 6 feet and at or about 19+ inches wide. Back in the 60's the original fish boards were made as kneeboards, but stand up surfers soon saw their shredding potential.

Fish surfboards are small and wide and can generate lots of speed but are notorious for not being the best off the lip for vertical maneuvers. They are, however, great down the line and turn tight in the pocket.

The Funboard

The Funboard is best for beginners since it blends the wide, rounded nose and thickness of the longboard but still remains light and short enough for maneuverability. Funboards are not the envy of the “in crowd” but are very functional for surfers with limited skills or limited time for surfing. You really get the most bang for your buck with a funboard, since they work in small to medium sized waves, allow for nose riding and quick turns, and really catch a lot of waves.