Fitz and Floyd Collectibles

The Dallas-based company is known as a purveyor of the finest china

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Photo by Barb Crews

Founded by Pat Fitzpatrick and Bob Floyd in Dallas in 1960, the ceramics company that bears their names started out as an import company. They soon expanded into creating and designing ceramic giftware, and Fitz and Floyd moved into tabletop products and accessories like candlesticks, plates, and teapots later in the 1960s.

History of Fitz and Floyd Fine China

The company's hand-painted ceramic gift lines were developed in the 1970s and the reputation of Fitz and Floyd grew due to the quality of their work and the creative piece for which the company became known. The company’s in-house design staff developed themes around which entire collections were designed. Among their most popular creations were their animal-themed teapots and their pot de creme cups and tea sets. 

According to its website, Fitz and Floyd dinnerware has been selected by presidents and governments around the world. The city of Dallas commissioned the company to create a one-of-a-kind tea service as the official gift to Queen Elizabeth for her visit to the city in 1991.

Fitz and Floyd Collectibles

Although Fitz and Floyd products were collected long before they officially entered the collectibles arena, the company did so in 1990 with teapots and ornaments. The company continues to offer its popular lines of figurines, ornaments, water globes, houses and cookie jars. Fitz and Floyd sellers do brisk business with these collectibles on eBay and other online auction houses 

Fitz and Floyd Holiday Collections

Among their most popular ceramic creations are Fitz and Floyd's line of Christmas items, which include unique ornaments and figurines for Nativity displays, as well as bells and special serving dishes and teapots.

Although they're best known for their Christmas products, Fitz and Floyd also has an extensive collection of popular Easter items, Halloween-themed 

When it comes to ceramic giftware and products, Fitz and Floyd set the standard a long time ago with quality and design that other companies strive to attain. There is no mistaking a Fitz and Floyd ceramic piece, be it a cookie jar, teapot or other tabletop items, as all of them have hand-engraved markings, along with the company's unique style.