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​Flag Day marks the day when Congress adopted the flag of the United States as the official national flag in 1777. It is celebrated on June 14 each year.  

While not a federal holiday, Flag Day is still an important occasion. Cities throughout the nation hold parades and events to celebrate. The week of June 14 is considered to be National Flag Week. The President of the United States issues a proclamation urging citizens to fly the American flag during the week.

​National Flag Week and Flag Day are wonderful occasions to teach children about the history of our flag. Learn about the facts and myths surrounding the American flag. Discuss how and why the flag was created, who was responsible for its creation, and how it has been updated over the years.

You may wish to discuss the symbolism of the flag, such as the fact that the stripes stand for the original thirteen colonies and the stars stand for the fifty states.

Ask your children if they know what the colors represent. (If not, do some research. Some sources cite a meaning while others state that there is no meaning.)

Flag Day is also a good time to learn about flag etiquette, such as when and how the flag should be flown, how it should be disposed of, and how to properly fold the United States flag.

​Use these free, downloadable printables to enhance your lessons about Flag Day. 

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Flag Day Vocabulary

Flag Day 7

Print the pdf: Flag Day Vocabulary Sheet

Begin your study of flag day by completing this flag-themed vocabulary sheet. Have your students use a dictionary or the internet to look up the terms and people listed in the word bank to determine how they are associated with the American flag. Then, students will write each name or term on the blank line next to its correct description.

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Flag Day Word Search

Flag Day 8

Print the pdf: Flag Day Word Search

Use this word search puzzle to review the definition of each flag-related person or term to ensure that your children understand the meanings. Do they remember that Frances Scott Key is the author of the National Anthem or that a vexillologist is a person who studies flags?

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Flag Day Crossword Puzzle

Flag Day 4

Print the pdf: Flag Day Crossword Puzzle

A crossword puzzle makes a fun, stress-free way to see how well your students remember each term or person associated with the United States flag. Each puzzle clue describes a person or term from the word bank. 

If your students have trouble remembering the terms, they can refer to their completed vocabulary sheet.

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Flag Day Challenge

Flag Day 2

Print the pdf: Flag Day Challenge

This Flag Day challenge sheet can be used as an engaging and interactive game to play with your child or a simple quiz to see how much he or she has retained from your study of Flag Day.

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Flag Day Alphabet Activity

Flag Day 1

Print the pdf: Flag Day Alphabet Activity

Use this alphabet activity to help your students build accuracy with the alphabet, expand their vocabulary, and help them improve their ordering skills.

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Flag Day Door Hangers

Flag Day 5

Print the pdf: Flag Day Door Hangers Page

These printable door hangers are a fantastic way for young students to practice their fine motor skills. Students should cut out each door hanger. Then, cut on the dotted line and cut out the small center circle. The hangers can them be placed on door and cabinet knobs. Your students will enjoy getting in the spirit of the holiday and decorating their home for Flag Day.
For best results, print on card stock.

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Flag Day Draw and Write

Flag Day 9

Print the pdf: Flag Day Draw and Write Page

Students should use this page to draw a Flag Day related picture and write about their drawing. Let your child show his creativity by choosing his own scene and objects to portray. Ask him to use his story-telling skills to explain the picture and what's happening to you.
He can write out his narration on the blank lines, or you can write it down for your pre-writers.

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Flag Day Coloring Page - Flag

Flag Day 3

Print the pdf: Flag Day coloring Page

Let your students show their creativity and hone their fine motor skills by coloring this picture for Flag Day.

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Flag Day Theme Paper

Flag Day 6

Print the pdf: Flag Day Theme Paper

Students can use this Flag Day theme paper to write a story, poem, or essay about the U.S. flag. 

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