Adobe Flash is Evolving into Adobe Animate

 So if you've been following the world of internet and computer animation like I have then you're certainly a really fun person everybody loves to talk to. If you haven't let me give you a quick update. Apple hates Adobe Flash, they don't like that it requires a little bit of behind the scenes navigating in code and access and stuff. So basically Flash has had a hard time remaining in the forefront in this new marketplace.​

So, one more tiny bit of Flash history, Flash's main audience has been online animators and game makers. Remember Newgrounds? So because Apple and new HTML5 oriented providers are going away from Flash, so are creators, meaning Flash is finding less and less of a place to exist. What is Flash gonna do? Become Adobe Animate.

Animate is out yet, once it is I'll be able to give a more thorough review of it and how different it truly is from its predecessor Flash. For now though, let's check out what they are hyping as the big differences between Flash and Animate, and what I'm most excited about.

The biggest thing that I saw and thought "Finally!" about is the ability to customize and control the brush tool. You know that Flash look? That Newgrounds style? That's because in Flash that is really all you can do unless you push it into other programs like After Effects or Photoshop. It's that, thick outline solid color stuff.

Even games have it, like one of my favorites The Binding of Isaac.

So with Animate, we're going to be given the ability to make marks that don't look like they were made in Flash in 2005. That's a huge update and one that has been sorely needed for a long, long time. Now your work will be able to look like your style, rather than Flash's style, and that's great.

Another feature they're touting is a 360-degree rotating canvas, I haven't been able to see any video demonstrations of this but that'd be another nice addition to have complete control over your mark making for your animations. Hopefully, this feature works as nicely as I imagine it would.

The other features they're hyping are better exporting control, with HTML5 as well as 4K video. I'm dubious of how much of an improvement there will be, it's always been a real pain to export video from Flash and there has been lots of room for improvement for quite a while.

Better audio syncing will be a nice addition, integration with Adobe Stock is kind of pointless in my opinion for any substantial filmmaker. All and all the big take away for me is the update to the mark making tools, that will be huge.

So it looks like a big update to Flash is right around the corner, and it's one that I think Flash has been needing for quite some time now. I'm really ready for it and can't wait to dive into it once it arrives through the internet tubes. Will it be as big a game changer as I'm sure Adobe is hoping it'll be? Only time will tell, but as an animator and filmmaker, I can tell you the idea of customizable brushes and mark making tools inside of Flash sounds pretty good to me.