A Floor Plan for a Resource Room or Self Contained Classroom

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A Classroom for Individualized Instruction Meets Flexible Needs

A Seating Plan for Individualized Instruction. Jerry Webster

A self contained-classroom needs space for individual instruction, independent work, learning centers and small and large group instruction. This classroom may be a self-contained special education classroom or a resource room. In both classrooms, a wide range of abilities will be represented. Both classrooms will have children with a variety of IEP goals that need to be addressed by their special education teacher.

Whole Group Instruction

In a self contained classroom, you will have times when you will be doing whole group instruction, class meetings or class presentations. A large carpet works well for these groups. If your school is truly interested in the success of a self-contained special education classroom with varies abilities, your principal will spring for a large piece of carpet where children can sit cross-legged. If you have a problem with children keeping hands and feet to themselves, you might get carpet squares from your local carpet store and put names on the carpet squares--no fighting over favorite colors, etc.

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A Table for Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction. Getty Images

Small Group and Individual Instruction

A small table is ideal for small group or individual instruction. I like a kidney shaped table because it keeps students in a semi-circle, places the teacher in the middle and puts children within arms reach--helpful if you will be modeling a writing activity.

Along the wall behind the table is a perfect place for a bookshelf with instructional materials: puzzles, picture cards, flash cards, and manipulatives. Be sure to have storage so you can keep the table free so small group and individual instruction can happen concurrently.  You may have two students working on the same skill while another student may need proximity and step-by-step reinforcement.  A kidney table makes that that possible, but you need room!

In the floor plan the kidney table is placed in the back so the teacher can supervise students who are working independently, or draw the attention of the classroom aide to a student who needs redirecting or assistance. 

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