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Florida Facts

Learn how to get copies of vital records in Florida, including certificates of birth, death, marriage and divorce.

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Florida, which joined the union in 1845 as the 27th state, is located in the southeastern United States. It is bordered by Alabama and Georgia to the north, while the rest of the state is a peninsula that is bordered by The Gulf of Mexico to the west, the Strait of Florida to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Because of its warm subtropical climate, Florida is known as the "sunshine state" and is a popular tourist destination for its many beaches, wildlife in areas like the Everglades, large cities such as Miami and theme parks like ​Walt Disney World.​

Help your students or children learn about this important state with these free printables.

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Florida Word Search

In this first activity, students will locate 10 words commonly associated with Florida. Use the activity to discover what they already know about the state and spark discussion about the terms with which they're unfamiliar.

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Florida Vocabulary

In this activity, students match each of the 10 words from the word bank with the appropriate definition. It’s a perfect way for students to learn key terms associated with Florida.

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Florida Crossword Puzzle

Invite your students to learn more about Florida by matching the clue with the appropriate term in this fun crossword puzzle. Each of the key terms used has been provided in a word bank to make the state accessible for younger students. 

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Florida Challenge

This multiple-choice challenge will test your student's knowledge of the facts related to Florida. Let your child practice his research skills by investigating at your local library or on the internet to discover the answers to the questions about which he's unsure.

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Florida Alphabet Activity

Elementary-age students can practice their alphabetizing skills with this activity. They'll place the words associated with Florida in alphabetical order.

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Florida Draw and Write

Young children or students can draw a picture of the state and write a short sentence about it. Provide students with pictures of the state or have them look up "Florida" on the internet, then select "images" to display pictures of the state.

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Florida Coloring Page

Students can color Florida's state flower — the orange blossom — and the state bird — the mockingbird — on this coloring page. As with the draw-and-write page, look up images of the state bird and flower on the internet so that students can color the pictures accurately.

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Florida Orange Juice

Not surprisingly, orange juice is the state beverage of Florida, as students can learn when they color images related to the popular drink. Indeed, "Florida is second only to Brazil in global orange juice production," notes Visit Florida, an interesting tidbit you can share with your students.

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Florida State Map

Florida Printables coloring page Florida Coloring Page State map.

Have students fill in the state capital, major cities and other state attractions on this Florida state map. To help students, prepare ahead of time by using the internet to find and print separate maps of Florida's rivers, cities and topography.

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Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park Coloring Page
Everglades National Park Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Florida's Everglades National Park was established and dedicated by President Harry S. Truman on Dec. 6, 1947. It contains an immense subtropical wilderness with mangrove swamps and rare birds and wild animals. Share these interesting facts with students as they work on this Everglades coloring page.

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