Flying Metaphors, Soaring Songs—Bird Poems

Their flight, their songs, their colors, their feathers, their strangeness and their familiarity—practically everything associated with birds and “birdness” is an evocative metaphor, a poetic image. It’s no wonder birds populate so many poems. From the nightingales and skylarks who inspired the Romantics, to Walt Whitman’s mockingbird muse, to Edgar Allan Poe’s oracular raven, to Emily Dickinson’s hope and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s caged bird singing, from Tennyson’s terza rima eagle to Gerard Manley Hopkins’ cheery woodlark to William Butler Yeats’ mythological sonnet swan, from Wallace Stevens’ blackbirdto D.H.

Lawrence’s turkey-cock and humming-bird.... you can fly far on the wings of our collection of bird poems.