The Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Ford and Mustang Club of America to Mark Anniversary with Two Celebrations

Ford Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair
Ford Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair. Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

What: Ford Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration
When: April 16-20, 2014
Where: Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway

On April 17, 2014 the Ford Mustang will celebrate 50 years of continuous production. Quite a feat for any vehicle. In honor of this special occasion, Ford Motor Company and the Mustang Club of America will work together to host two Ford Mustang Birthday celebrations here in the United States.

The events, which both run April 16 - April 20, 2014, will take place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nev. and at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina.

“Working closely with Ford, we want to make the official Mustang 50-Year celebration the most important car event of 2014,” said Ronald D. Bramlett, Mustang Club of America executive director of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration. “We hope everyone who loves this iconic car will join us to share their personal Mustang story.” He added, “Whether you love modern or vintage Mustangs, Shelby or Boss, racing or cruising, a new fan or have been enjoying the lifestyle for years, we’ll have something memorable for everyone at both locations.”

The two events will be open to both owners and fans of the Ford Mustang. That means a Mustang isn’t required to attend. Of course, if you do own a Mustang, and you’re looking to go all out, the Mustang Club of America is organizing “Pony Drives” so Mustang owners can travel in an organized group to each venue.

The popular Mustangs Across America 50th Anniversary Drive will also take attendees to the event at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Each of the celebration locations will feature various Mustang examples from the past 50 years. “One of the highlights at both venues will be a display featuring examples from each of the first 50 model years of Mustang,” said Bramlett.

“We’ll include cars released in April 1964 to the latest models out of Flat Rock Assembly Plant.”

The schedule for both events is as follows:

  • Wednesday, April 16:  The first official day of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration will feature vendors and exhibits as pony drives and members arrive.
  • Thursday, April 17:  With April 17, 1964 acknowledged as the official birthday of Ford Mustang, Mustang Club of America will conduct opening ceremonies followed by a host of activities. Fans will enjoy a birthday celebration complete with cake and everyone singing “Happy Birthday.” Track time, Ford ride-and-drives, hot laps and other interactive activities are planned. Car displays, vendors and special exhibits will all be there to celebrate Mustang’s 50th.
  • Friday, April 18:  The event will be in full swing with track events such as road racing, drag racing and other interactive driving events. Car displays, vendors and special exhibits will be on hand. MCA will have a themed dinner with live entertainment.
  • Saturday, April 19:  Festivities will follow the same pattern as Friday. The evening will feature the Saturday Night Banquet, with guest speakers and entertainment.
  • Sunday, April 20:  Easter Sunrise Services will be offered at both tracks. There will be parade laps around both speedways, and other memorable activities and photo opportunities will fill the day. MCA will have closing ceremonies in the afternoon.

    “Mustang enthusiasts are among the most passionate fans in the world,” said Steven Ling, Ford car marketing manager. “These twin events are really for them. We’re proud to be part of this celebration of a car that’s often called the soul of Ford Motor Company.

    Ford and the Mustang Club of America report that details are still being worked out for the events.