Ford Oxygen Sensor Locations for 4-Cyl and V8

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See Chart Below for Ford Oxygen Sensor Locations

Ford oxygen sensor installs.
This chart shows the locations of all of your Ford O2 sensors.

If your Ford 5.0 V8 is giving you an engine code of P0153 there is a chance you may need an oxygen sensor or possibly four O2 sensors. The engine is divided into parts described as "upstream, downstream, Bank 1 and Bank 2." All of the sensors are of course located on the exhaust or output side of the engine flow. But they are in different places in the flow or "stream" of the exhaust system. All of them happen before or at the catalytic converters so you don't need to start checking down by the tailpipe. As for the banks, "Bank 1" is always on the same side of the engine as your #1 Cylinder.

All this is confusing, so there's a chart to help you find all of your oxygen sensors. Check it out, and good luck!