Four Months To Build A New House

close-up of construction worker balancing on wood frame house working with hammering tools
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Building a house is the easy part; planning home construction is the hard part. In these photos of a house being built, you'll see that most of the decisions already have been made. Take a look at some home construction pictures and put your mind at ease.

October 8: The Building Lot Is Prepared

Before construction begins, the lot is prepared on Karen Hudson's home

Karen Hudson

Karen Hudson and her husband had been staring at their empty lot for weeks. Finally, the builders arrived, and the excited couple began to photograph the construction of their new home.

Karen, recalls the excitement of seeing the empty lot "tattooed" with forms showing the size and shape of their new home. These forms gave them a sense of what their finished home might look like, although this rough outline did prove to be deceiving. The concrete foundation footings outline where the load-bearing walls will be built.

October 15: The Plumbing Is Installed

The plumbing was set up before they poured the concrete slab.

Karen Hudson

Before the builders poured the concrete slab, they put the plumbing and electrical conduits in place. Next, pebbles were used to fill in most of the space around the piping. And finally, the cement was poured.

Modern homes generally have one of three types of house foundations; a full basement (finished or unfinished); a crawl space of limited height; or a concrete slab, where the house flooring is installed on top of the foundation floor. Some houses have combinations of these three, but this approach is usually found in older houses with additions and not in new construction. In very large construction projects, foundation design is an engineering art and specialty.

November 1: The House Is Framed

After the foundation was cured, the framing went up.

Karen Hudson

After the foundation was "dry" (cured), the framing started to go up. This was done very quickly. The basic wood framing can be completed in a single day.

After the framing, siding and roofing make the exterior look more like a livable house.

November 12: The Walls Are Raised

After the framing is completed, the walls are raised.

Karen Hudson

Less than two weeks after the framing was started, the owners arrived to find that exterior walls had been raised. Karen Hudson's new home was really starting to take form.

When the windows were in place, interior spaces became readily workable for the electricians and plumbers to continue their rough-in work. Carpenters then installed insulation around the utility work before the finished walls were put up.

December 17: Interior Wallboard Is Installed

Interior wallboard is installed

Karen Hudson

With the electrical wiring in place, the interior wallboard was installed with openings for switches and outlets. Drywall, a hard, concrete-type substance (gypsum, really) between paper sheathing, is a specific type of popular wallboard. Drywall panels come in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses. Sheetrock is actually the brand name for a line of drywall products.

A carpenter will use special nails or screws to attach the drywall panels to the wall studs. Openings are cut out for the electrical, and then the "seams" or joints between the drywall panels are taped and smoothed with a joint compound.

January 2: Fixtures and Cabinets Are Added

Fixtures and cabinets are added to the new house.

Karen Hudson

After the walls were painted, the builders installed sinks, tubs, cabinets, and tile flooring. With less than a month until completion, the house was looking like a home.

January 8: The Bathtub Is Put in Place

white tiled shower and bathtub is put in place

Karen Hudson

A "garden tub" for the master bathroom was installed before the final finish work. The ceramic tile came later after most of the interior was completed.


January 17: The Home Is Finished With Brick Details

The home is finished with a brick detailing

Karen Hudson

Once most of the inside was finished, the builders added finishing touches to the outside. A brick facade was installed on some of the exterior walls. Final inspections and landscaping took place.

The House Is Ready!

freshly completed two story home with two-car garage dominating the front

Karen Hudson

After four months of construction, the new house was ready. There would be plenty of time later to plant grass and flowers out front. For now, the Hudsons had everything they needed to move in.

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