How Many Frames Are In One Second of Animation?

The Amount of Frames Per Second Creates Motion. John/Flickr

That actually depends on your method of publication.

When film was the predominant method for showing your work, 24 frames per second was the standard. Some people still use 24 frames per second today, but it is on it's way out in the new digital realm.

In digital, the standard frame rate is 30 frames per second, although you can get away with using a drop frame method of 29.97 frames per second. I prefer 30 frames per second though because working in 29.97 while saving you one frame for every 3 you make, can result in some weird half frames that can be a pain to time around.

So while there is no absolute standard for frame rate, there are a couple standards people follow. I highly suggest using 30 frames per second if you aren't already.