France Today Magazine For Francophiles Review

France Today Magazine
France Today Magazine.

France Today” is a cleverly designed bi-monthly magazine for Francophiles. Written entirely in English, its purpose is to inform and entertain an international audience who appreciate the French lifestyle.  With its self-proclaimed “luxury title,” the magazine succeeds with alluring photos and well-written articles.

My Experience Reading French Today Magazine

I read my first copy  on a recent three-hour train ride to Paris.

 I took the August/September 2015 issue with me and, even though magazine articles rarely grab my attention, this magazine held mine from beginning to end. 

Quite Informative

The magazine begins with a table of contents enhanced by enticing photos. The array of articles immediately drew me in and I continued to read each page.  A page entitled “Main Events” lists what’s currently happening in France, followed by “Paris events” and  “Regional Events.” There’s even a section called “Museum Watch” and “Festival Focus.”  The magazine keeps up with current events and happenings throughout France, which was perfect for me – in a few hours I would be in Paris.

The “Art Review” section gave some insight into something I had recently heard: a modern British artist whose sculpture was causing controversy in Versailles. In the “Evenings Out in Paris” section, I learned my beloved Charles Aznavour was still performing concerts and had just released his 51st album…just in time for my upcoming birthday!

“France Today” also reviews movies and books about France written in English, which is sure to please any Francophile.

The month’s “Travel News” informed me of a flight from Bristol to Nantes  which is not far from where I live in Paimpol. As I kept reading, I discovered more information that I could personally use.

I Loved the Articles

After all the current updates, I was ready to delve into the articles with their gorgeous pictures. Good writing, insightful tips, fun, light journalism like one would expect - but seldom gets - in a magazine. The articles are so varied that there’s something for every devotée of France.

I really enjoyed reading about the Lido and Monet’s kitchen and garden. I know Giverny pretty well since it’s close to where I grew up and the article made me feel as if I were right there. 

Finally the magazine ended with some new boutique discoveries – sadly, not in my personal budget – followed by advice about the French real-estate market, along with some classified ads 


Launched in 1985, “France Today” is published six times a year. It can be purchased at national chain stores like Barnes and Noble in the US, WHSmith High St & Travel in the UK, or on Amazon - other subscription options on their website

In Conclusion

The charm of “France Today” helped me escape my train ride for a while -  when I read the articles, I really felt I was in each place. The articles are well-written and the pictures seem almost personal. The photographers truly capture the essence of the places they visit.

I now have a few more places in France on my bucket list... so happy I live here!

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