Fred Topel

Fred has never missed an episode of The SImpsons. It wasn't a plan, but around 20 years in he realized he'd always made it appointment television or set a VCR or DVR every Sunday. The streak remains unbrokne. As a film and television journalist, Fred also covered the press junket for The Simpsons Movie and interviews voice cast and producers of The Simpsons.


Fred was 12 when The Simpsons became a TV series so you can do the math from 1989. As the series developed its sense of humor, so did Fred develop a studied appreciation of satire through media studies in college. Since 1999, Fred has been a professional entertainment journalist. This includes covering the release of The Simpsons Movie in 2007. As a member of the Television Critics Association, Fred has also covered the series professionally since 2006. 

Fred Topel

 "I'm just a memory. I can't give you any new information." - Homer Simpson's coyote spirit guide, "El Viaje Mysterioso del Nuestro Homero"

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