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Word Search - The Grand Slam and More

Though baseball is no longer the nation's most-watched professional sport -- football grabbed that honor decades ago -- the national pastime, with its rich history, has infused the American-English language with words and phrases. "Grand Slam" is now used by a major restaurant chain as the name of its most popular breakfast; a "steal" describes a great deal; and, "triple play" represents everything from the name of several hotel chains to a guiding philosophy of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Yet these terms -- and many more -- originated or were popularized through baseball. Use this baseball word search to introduce students to these terms as well as their origination in the sport.

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Vocabulary - Making a Sacrifice

A sacrifice is actually a simple term: "It’s when a batter sacrifices his at-bat for the betterment of the team," according to Lootmeister Sports. But, the term has come to mean so much more than that as students can learn after filling out this baseball vocabulary worksheet. For example, John McGraw, considered by many to be baseball's top manager, favored the hit-and-run and sacrifice bunt, and often got the most out of older players that other teams had given up on. The term shows how sacrificing yourself can bring about a greater good.

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Crossword Puzzle - The Dugout

The dugout has a varied history that long predates its use in baseball as a shelter for players awaiting their turn at bat -- or a chance to play, as this baseball crossword puzzle will help students learn. Use this worksheet to help students understand the deeper historical meaning of the term dugout, as well as other baseball-related words.

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Challenge - The Steal

You wouldn't think that a respected doctor would take the time to write an entire article entitled, "The Art of the ​Steal." But, that's exactly what Dr. Peter Gorman did when he described the physical and mental attributes needed when stealing a base: recognition, attention, decision, acceptance and reaction. All of these ideas present opportunities for teaching and discussion after students fill out this baseball challenge worksheet.

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Alphabet Activity - Squeeze Play

The squeeze play -- also called the suicide squeeze -- refers to a situation "when a runner at third takes off for home during a pitcher’s windup and the batter attempts to bunt," according to "The New York Times." Review this baseball term with students, along with others, after they complete this alphabet activity. But, use this worksheet only as a starting point: The term squeeze play refers to a sacrifice by an individual player that can lead to a major gain for the team: a run scored and a possible win against a tough opponent.

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