Free Business Administration Courses Online

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Opencourseware is a wonderful way to prepare for business school and gain knowledge at no cost. It also provides companies with the opportunity to give every employee an executive education.

The Degree Directory recently posted rankings for business administration ​opencourseware education. Their list includes 10 colleges, universities, and websites that offer free business administration courses online. MIT's Sloan School of Management secured the top spot with more than 100 free courses.

The list includes a ton of great links and is worth checking out. If you decide to proceed, here are a few tips to make the most of opencourseware education:

  • Find a quality course that is self-learner friendly
  • Take your time and move at your own pace
  • Look for additional resources and readings that will supplement the coursework
  • Find a forum that matches the course topic so that you can discuss what you have learned with others
  • Enjoy yourself--the best part about a free course is that there is no pressure
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