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Worksheets and Activities to Prepare for a Family Camp-Out

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Camping is a great outdoor family activity. There are several different types of camping. When most people hear the word camping, they think of tent camping: roughing it in the wilderness by sleeping in a tent you pitched yourself and eating foods cooked over an open campfire.

Some people prefer camping in an RV (recreational vehicle) or camper, a trailer, pulled by a motor vehicle, with places for eating and sleeping.

Still others prefer cabin or "yurt" camping. Both involve permanent structures for sleeping in wooded areas. Some are more primitive than others. 

Even a family camp-out in your own backyard is fun! 

No matter which camping style you prefer, your number one goal should be safety. Make sure you follow these safe camping tips:

  • Stay together! Use the buddy system when camping, so no one ever wanders off alone.
  • Practice fire safety. Make sure that it's not too dry to safely build a fire. Keep the fire in an open area a safe distance away from tents. Keep water handy to douse the flames when you're finished.
  • Know your plants. Stay away from poison oak, ivy, and sumac. Be certain you know what plants or berries are before consuming them.
  • Bring plenty of clean drinking water.
  • Carefully pack food supplies so as not to attract hungry wildlife.
  • Bring a well-stocked first aid kit.
  • Have everyone carry a whistle to scare off wild animals or to call for help if they get lost.

Be sure to pack the basics when you camp in case of emergencies. In addition to a first-aid kit, you should make sure that you bring:

  • a flashlight
  • matches
  • a compass
  • water
  • extra ready-to-consume food (nuts, raisins, fruit, etc.)

If you and your family are planning a camping trip - even a backyard camp-out - use these free printables to get ready!

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Camping Vocabulary

Camping Vocabulary

Use a vocabulary worksheet to introduce your students to camping basics. Students should write each word from the word bank next to its correct definition. They can practice their dictionary skills by looking up any unfamiliar words. 

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Camping Word Search

Camping Wordsearch

All the camping-themed terms from the word box are hidden among the jumbled letters of this fun word search puzzle. See if your students remember what each word means and why it's important for camping. 

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Camping Crossword Puzzle

Camping Crossword

Each of the clues in this crossword puzzle describe a term related to camping. Can your students find them all?

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Camping Challenge

Camping Choice

Invite your students to show what they know about camping and the supplies needed for the activity. Each of these descriptions about camping-related terms is followed by four multiple choice options. See if your students can get them all correct.

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Camping Alphabetizing Activity

Camping Alpha

Let your students hone their alphabetizing skills while they review camping terminology. Students should write each of the terms from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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Camping Bookmarks and Pencil Toppers

Camping Pencil Bookmark

You may want to create these pencil toppers before completing the camping-themed worksheets. Students can then use them while they do the printable activities. Just cut out the pencil toppers, punch holes on tabs, and insert a pencil through holes.

You may wish to print the bookmarks on card stock for greater durability. Use them to mark your place in camping-themed books.

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Camping Visor

Camping Visor

Cut out the visor and punch holes in the spots indicated. Use elastic string or yarn to complete the visor, adjusting to your child's head size. 

For best results, print the visor on card stock.

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Camping Door Hangers

Camping Door Hangers

Print these fun door hangers to build excitement for your family camping trip. For best results, print them on card stock. Cut out the door hangers, and cut on the dotted line. Then, cut out the small center circle. Place the completed hangers on door knobs in your home. 

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Camping Coloring Page

Camping Coloring Page

As your children complete this coloring page, talk about some of your favorite campfire songs. 

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Camping Coloring Page

Camping Coloring Page 2

Review camping safety tips as your children complete this coloring page. 

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