Top 10 Free Chemistry Apps for Teachers

Mobile Apps for Teachers of Chemistry

Apps on mobile devices open up a whole new world for teachers. While there are many excellent apps available to purchase, there are also some great free ones too. These 10 free Chemistry apps help can be a great aide for teachers and students as they learn about chemistry. All of these apps were downloaded and used on an iPad. Also, while some of these offer in-app purchases, ones that required purchases for the majority of the available content were purposely excluded from the list.

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Nova Elements

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This is an excellent app from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. There is a show to watch, an interactive periodic table that is quite interesting and easy to use, and a game called "David Pogue's Essential Elements." This is really a worthwhile app to download.

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This is a fun chemistry game app where students break bonds of molecules and take the resulting atoms to recreate new molecules that would be formed. Students work through 45 different levels of increasing difficulty. The game's mechanism is fun and informative.

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video Science

This app from ScienceHouse provides students with over 60 experiment videos where they can watch as experiments are performed by a chemistry teacher. Experiment titles include: Alien Egg, Pipe Clamps, Carbon Dioxide Race, Atomic Force Microscope, and many more. This is an excellent resource for teachers and students.

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Glow Fizz

This app is subtitled, "Explosively fun chemistry kit for young minds," and it provides a fun interactive way to complete experiments based on specific elements. The app allows for multiple profiles so more than one student can use it. Students complete an 'experiment' by combining elements and at certain points shaking the iPad to mix things up. The only downside is that students can easily go through an experiment without understanding what is happening unless they click on the link where they can read about what happened on an atomic level.

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AP Chemistry

This excellent app was designed to help students as they prepare for their Advanced Placement Chemistry exam. It provides students with an excellent study system based on flash cards and a personal rating mechanism that allows students to rate how well they know the card being studied. Then as the students work through the flash cards in a particular area, they are given the ones they know the least more often until they have them mastered.

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Spectrum Analysis

In this unique app, students complete spectrum analysis experiments using elements from the periodic table. For example, if a student selects Hafnium (Hf), they then drag the element tube to the power supply to see what the emission spectrum is. This is recorded in the app's workbook. In the workbook, they can learn more about the element and perform absorption experiments. Truly interesting for teachers who want students to learn more about spectrum analysis.

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Periodic Table

There are a number of periodic table apps on available for free. This particular app is great because of its simplicity yet depth of information available. Students can click on any element to get detailed information including images, isotopes, electron shells and more.

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The Periodic Table Project

In 2011, the Chem 13 News through the University of Waterloo created a project where students submitted artistic images that represented each element. This can either be an app that students explore to gain a greater appreciation for the elements, or it could also be an inspiration for your own periodic table project in your class or at your school.

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Chemical Equations

is an app that provides students with the ability to check their equation balancing skills. Basically, students are given an equation that is missing one or more coefficients. They then must determine the correct coefficient to balance the equation. The app does have some downfalls. It includes a number of advertisements. Further, it has a simplistic interface. Nonetheless, it is one of the only apps that was found that provided the students with this type of practice.

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Molar Mass Calculator

This simple, easy-to-use calculator allows students to enter a chemical formula or select from a list of molecules in order to determine its Molar Mass.

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