Chocolate Printables

Chocolate Printables
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See what else you and your students can discover as you complete these free printables about chocolate.

Facts About Chocolate

Did you know...

  • The chocolate river in the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie was made from real chocolate?
  • Chocolate chip cookies were discovered by accident by innkeeper Ruth Wakefield?
  • Chocolate contains caffeine?
  • Chocolate can be fatal to dogs and cats?
  • It takes 5 years for a cacao tree to start producing beans?
  • You can celebrate World Chocolate Day on September 28?
  • Dark chocolate, which is much more bitter than milk chocolate, has health benefits?
  • Americans consume about 1/5th of the world's chocolate?
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A Brief History of Chocolate

Chocolate dates back to the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica. The cacao beans grow on the Theobroma cacao tree. Theobroma is a Greek word meaning "food for the gods." At one time, chocolate was reserved for Mayan priests, rulers, and warriors.

The ancient Mesoamerican people ground the pods of the cacao plant, mixed them with water and spices, and consumed the chocolate drink as a bitter drink. It wasn't until the Spanish arrived and took some of the cacao beans back to Spain that people began sweetening the drink.

Cacao beans were once so sought after that they were used as currency. Even Revolutionary War soldiers were sometimes paid in chocolate!

Although the plant is native to South America, most of the world's cacao today is produced in Africa.

Christopher Columbus brought cacao beans back to Spain after his trip to the Americas in 1502. However, it wasn't until 1528 that the concept of a chocolate beverage began to become populuar when Hernán Cortés introduced the idea to Europeans.

The first chocolate bar was produced in 1847, by Joseph Fry who found a way to make a paste from the powder of the cacao bean. 

Although Fry's technique made the process of creating chocolate bars much quicker and more affordable, still today, the entire process takes about a week. About 400 beans are needed to make one chocolate bar. 

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Chocolate Vocabulary

Chocolate Vocabulary printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Vocabulary Sheet

Dive into a study of one of the world's tastiest treats with this vocabulary sheet. Students should use a dictionary or the Internet to look up and define each term (or discover how each relates to chocolate). 

Then, they will write each term from the word bank next its correct definition or description.

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Chocolate Wordsearch

Chocolate Wordsearch printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Word Search

Review chocolate terminology with this word search puzzle. As your students locate each word in the puzzle, see if they remember its definition or significance to chocolate.

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Chocolate Crossword Puzzle

Chocolate Crossword Puzzle printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Crossword Puzzle

Use this fun crossword to see how well your students remember the terms associated with chocolate. Each puzzle clue describes a term defined on the completed vocabulary sheet.

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Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Challenge

Use this chocolate challenge to see what your students remember about chocolate. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options.

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Chocolate Alphabet Activity

Chocolate Alphabet Activity printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Alphabet Activity 

You might want to have a chocolate treat ready for your students when they complete this alphabet activity. Putting all those chocolate-themed words in correct alphabetical order will probably make them hungry!

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Chocolate Draw and Write

Chocolate Draw and Write printable

Print the pdf: Chocolate Draw and Write Page

In this activity, students will draw something related to chocolate - let them get creative! After they complete their drawing, students can use the blank lines to write about their picture.

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Chocolate Coloring Page — Cacao Pod

Chocolate Coloring Page - Cacao Pod printable

Print the pdf: Cacao Pod Coloring Page

Cacao pods are the starting point for chocolate. The football-shaped pods grow directly out of the trunk of the cacao tree. The pod, which is usually red, yellow, or orange in color when mature, has a hard shell and contains 40-50 cacao beans. 

Cacao pulp, the white, fleshy material surrounding the beans, is edible. Cocoa butter, the vegetable fat extracted from the bean, is used to make lotions, ointments, and chocolate.

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Chocolate Coloring Page — Chocolates for a Special Occasion

Chocolate Coloring Page printable

Print the pdf: Chocolates for a Special Occasion Coloring Page

Chocolate is often associated with special holidays such as Easter and Valentine's Day. It was in 1868 that Richard Cadbury created the first heart-shaped chocolate bar for Valentine's Day.

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