Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Make math more fun

These free Christmas math worksheets teach students all the normal math problems but create extra fun by making them Christmas themed. They're a nice change from the everyday math worksheets and kids seem to get extra excited when they see anything related to the holiday.

The worksheets are great for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents who want to keep the learning going during winter break. They can be easily printed from your computer, just follow the directions on each site for the best printing quality.

Be sure to check out all the other Christmas worksheets which include ones for writing, reading, puzzles, and more. We also have other free, printable holiday worksheets for kids for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Christmas Math Worksheets at

Picture of a father and daughter writing in front of the Christmas tree
© Terry Vine / J Patrick Lane / Blend Images / Getty Images has a wide selection of almost 50 Christmas math worksheets for students in Kindergarten all the way up to high school.

You'll find free Christmas math worksheets covering topic areas such as data analysis, patterning, geometry, order of operations, multiple operations, multiplication, division, ordering, addition, and subtraction.

There's also a special set of worksheets based on the 12 Days of Christmas that help younger students with their counting.

Once you're on the worksheet download page, you can print it off, open it in your browser, or download it as a PDF.

Kidzone's Free Christmas Math Worksheets

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These Christmas math worksheets are for students in PreK all the way up to grade 5. Each worksheet falls under a grade level, making it easy to find a great worksheet for your child's age and skill level.

When you scroll through this site, you'll find worksheets that include counting, tracing, adding, magic squares, math tables, word problems, carrying, multiplying, subtracting, dividing, and decimals. There are nearly 70 worksheets and they're all free to print and use.

You can print off these worksheets by using the Print button on each download page.

Teachers Pay Teachers Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Boy doing math at Christmastime
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Teachers Pay Teachers has 3,000+ free Christmas math worksheets that you can sort by grade level or by math subject.

Some of the more popular worksheets include number games, mystery pictures, ten frames, number recognition, task cards, math puzzles, regrouping, and, much more.

Some of the worksheets at Teachers Pay Teachers cost money, but the ones that say FREE are completely free for you to download and use.

Free Christmas Math Worksheets at

Mother and young son reading on sofa at Christmastime
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Here at are free Christmas math worksheets that the kids will surely love. Most of these are pretty easy to complete but some are clearly meant for older kids.

Some of these are graph worksheets where you have to plot colors in order to draw a picture, others are counting worksheets or ones for addition and subtraction. 

Toward the bottom of the website are categories for more Christmas math worksheets that are separated by easy, intermediate, and harder worksheets.

They also have some fun free Christmas math games that the kids will absolutely love.'s Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Little girl with Christmas cap writing a Christmas list
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Christmas math worksheets for kindergarteners like connecting the dots on Christmas trees, counting objects, subtracting, and more are available for download from

There are 14 worksheets here, all available in the PDF format and 100% Christmas themed.

Classroom Jr.'s Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Girl doing homework
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You'll find a few Christmas math worksheets over at Classroom Jr. You'll find worksheets over color by numbers, pattern recognition, first/then logic, addition and subtraction, and multiplication.

The Click to Print button on each download page is how you can print off these free math worksheets.'s Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Boy writing letter in front of Christmas tree
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These math worksheets include graph puzzles, addition, subtraction, money problems, time problems, algebra, and multiplication.

The worksheets here are really only samples, and though they're free to print, you'll need to pay/subscribe to get the answer keys.

Free Christmas Math Worksheets at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Brunette girl writing a greeting card for Christmas

 Sol de Zusanbar Brebbia/Getty Images

123 Homeschool 4 Me has hundreds of free math worksheets and a great number of them are Christmas themed. You can do a search on their site to look for Christmas items to find them.

The math worksheets cover a wide range of topics and are divided into grade level. There are worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten up through 6th grade.'s Free Christmas Math Worksheets

Girl doing homework with colored pencils

Dozens of additional math worksheets are available at You can pick from a handful of categories, including adding and subtracting, graphing, money problems, and problem solving.

On the second page, choose the worksheet you want to print, and then use the Save button to download and print it off.

Christmas Math Worksheets from Math Worksheets Land

A small girl writing Christmas cards

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Math Worksheets Land has a page full of Christmas math worksheets that are divided into grade levels, making it easy to find just the right worksheet for your child or student. There's also a collection of themed worksheets which work for multiple grade levels. These worksheets cover everything from counting to finding the mean and medium. Don't miss the Christmas math projects at the bottom of the page. These are some great classroom activities.

A few of these worksheets require a membership but many of them are free. Just click on the link to open the one you're interested in.

Free Christmas Math Worksheets from

A girl writing at a table during Christmas time

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All of the Christmas math worksheets are over simple 1-digit multiplication. There are practice worksheets for ones all the way up to nines. Each worksheet is decorated with a fun Christmas image that can be colored. They also each have a mystery message which can be solved by calculating some of the problems. An answer sheet is included for each worksheet, making it easy to review. Simply click the button to download and you'll get a PDF that opens in your browser. Simply print and you're all ready to go.

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