Free Christmas Sheet Music for Piano & Vocals

Printer-Friendly Piano Music for the Holidays

Christmas Piano Sheet Music

It's always easier to learn a song you're already familiar with, so what would be better than to entertain yourself with your favorite holiday tunes while you practice? The following Christmas songs were chosen by you, arranged by yours truly, and were designed to exercise beginner/intermediate piano techniques and sight-reading skills.

The following sheet music is available in printer-friendly PNG or JPEG image formats, or may be downloaded as one PDF file, and comes pre-packaged with lyrics:

♬ What Child Is This?
This carol is famously known as being set to the tune of the traditional English Greensleeves. Written in the key of F# minor, this original arrangement travels the octaves and experiments with texture, so it works best as a solo piano piece (but lyrics have still been included):


♬ Silent Night / Stille Nacht
A tranquil D major arrangement of the beloved Austrian classic and worldwide favorite. Sheet music includes English and German lyrics, and is suitable for any playing-level:


♬ Adeste Fideles / O Come, All Ye Faithful
Another worldwide favorite, this chord-based version in G major is simple and to-the-point. Lyrics are available in Latin, English, French, Spanish, and German:


♬ Away In A Manger
Learn a calm, yet bright arrangement of the carol's popular Mueller variation, set in the key of D major. Perfect for the intermediate pianist, or the beginner pianist who is comfortable with rhythm in the bass:


♬ The First Noel
Choose from two playing levels of this English carol: A simple arrangement, designed for the beginner or as a background for vocals; and an elaborate, intermediate tune which boasts fuller chords and a bit more rhythmic freedom. Both versions written in the key of D major:


♬ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
This may be the most mysterious-sounding of all the Christmas carols. I kept the bass line simple in this arrangement to bring out the medieval qualities of its melody, so it's appropriate for all skill-levels. Arrangement written in the key of E minor:


♬ O Christmas Tree / O Tannenbaum
A wintery ode to the evergreen, this tune originated in Germany and went on to become one of the most recognizable Christmas songs the world over. Choose between a simple piano/vocal score and an intermediate arrangement with more frills. Both scores are written in the key of F major:


♬ O Holy Night / Cantique de Noël
A peaceful, triumphant carol that is among the most beloved in the Anglosphere as well as in French-speaking areas, where it began.

This slightly elaborate yet calm arrangement is written in the key of F major, and includes lyrics in both French and English:


 …and more to come. Check back soon!

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