Crab Printables for Classroom Leaning

Crab Printables
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Crabs are marine-dwelling crustaceans. Besides crabs, crustaceans include creatures such as lobsters and shrimp.

Crabs are called decapodsDeca means ten and pod means foot. Crabs have 10 feet - or legs. Two of those legs are the crab's characteristic large front claws, or pinchers. Crabs use these claws for cutting, crushing, and grasping.

Crabs can be amusing to watch with their funny way of walking sideways. They walk this way because their legs are attached to the sides of their bodies. And, their joints bend outward, unlike our knees, which bend forward.

They are also easily recognized by their eyes. Their compound eyes, which are on stalks that grow from the top of their bodies like snails, help them to see better in low light conditions and spot their prey. 

Crabs are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals. Their diet consists of foods such as algae, worms, sponges, and other crabs. Crabs are also eaten by humans. Some crabs, such as hermit crabs, are kept as pets.

There are many different species of crabs found in all the Earth's oceans, in freshwater, and on land. The smallest is the pea crab, named because it's only about the size of a pea. The largest is the Japanese spider crab, which can be as large as 12-13 feet from claw tip to claw tip.

Spend some time with your students delving into the fascinating world of crustaceans. (Do you know how crustaceans and insects are related?) Then, use these free printables to learn more about crabs.

Crab Vocabulary

Print the pdf: Crab Vocabulary Sheet

Introduce your students to these fascinating crustaceans using this crab vocabulary sheet. Students should use a dictionary or the Internet to define each term. Then, they will write each word from the word bank on the blank line next to its correct definition.

Crab Wordsearch

Print the pdf: Crab Word Search

Let your students review crab-themed vocabulary with a fun word search puzzle. Each of the terms from the word bank can be found among the jumbled letters in the puzzle.

Crab Crossword Puzzle

Print the pdf: Crab Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle provides another fun, low-key review opportunity for students. Each clue describes a word associated with crabs. Students may wish to refer to their completed vocabulary sheet if they have trouble completing the puzzle.

Crab Challenge

Print the pdf: Crab Challenge

How much have your students learned about crabs? Let them show what they know with this challenge sheet (or use it as a simple quiz). Each description is followed by four multiple choice options.

Crab Alphabetizing Activity

 Print the pdf: Crab Alphabet Activity

Young children will enjoy reviewing crab facts while honing their alphabetizing skills. Students should place each of the crab-related words in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

Crab Reading Comprehension

Print the pdf: Crab Reading Comprehension Page

In this activity, students can practice their reading comprehension skills. They should read the paragraph then write the correct answer in the fill-in-the-blank sentences that follow. 

Children may color the picture just for fun!

Crab Theme Paper

Print the pdf: Crab Theme Paper

Students can use this crab theme paper to show what they've learned about crabs and improve their composition and handwriting skills. Kids should write a story, poem or essay about crabs.

Crab Door Hangers

Print the pdf: Crab Door Hangers

This activity allows young children to practice their fine motor skills. Students should cut out the door hangers along the solid lines. Then, they will cut along the dotted line and cut out the small circle. Hang the completed door hangers on the door and cabinet knobs in your home or classroom.

Crab Coloring Page - Hermit Crab

Print the pdf: Crab Coloring Page - Hermit Crab

Students can use this hermit crab coloring page as a quiet activity while you read aloud about crabs or as part of a report or notebook on the topic.

Young children might enjoy coloring the page after reading A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle.

Crab Coloring Page - Crab

Print the pdf: Crab Coloring Page - Crab

Use this coloring page with young students who are learning the letters of the alphabet, beginning word sounds, and printing skills.

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