Free Delphi Component Sets

Component sets are collections of features that were developed by someone else, but can be easily implemented into your Delphi application so that you can avoid doing some of the ground work, and focus instead on how to make your app work.

You can consider them to be like a template or plugin that you can easily start using and manipulate to make it work with your specific program.

Below are various collections of free, multi-purpose Delphi components that add more power to your applications. Most of these even have the source code included too.

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JEDI Visual Component Library (VCL)

The JVCL is built from code donated by the JEDI community. It consists of hundreds of VCL components that can be instantly reused in your Delphi, and potentially Kylix, projects.

The entire JEDI VCL is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (​MPL), and can be freely used in freeware, shareware, open source, and commercial projects.

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This is a set of components for Borland Delph and C Builder.

While these are completely free as well, they are actually already included in JVCL. Use this set if you'd rather have these specific ones and not the others that come with JEDI Visual Component Library.

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LMD Tools

The trial version of LMD Tools has almost 100 components that are 100% freely available.

Note that the trial is just like the registered edition except it only works while Delphi or C++Builder is open and running. This means applications will only work when opened from within Delphi or C++Builder.

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Pro VCL Extensions Library (ProLib)

This component library includes 28 components plus classes, procedures, and functions.It works for Borland Delphi 1-9 and Borland C++Builder 1 and 3-6.

Installation instructions are included in Step 6 of the Readme.txt file that comes with the download. 

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Max's Components for Delphi

Visit this download page for 11 free Delphi components, each with a complete description of its features. Among others, there's one for inserting a symbol dialog in word processor apps and another that's a debugger tool for Borland Delphi.

Instead of being able to get these in bulk like the components from above, you have to download each of them individually, but it's quick and easy.

There is a twelfth one here but it's not free, and only includes a trial. 

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