Free Easter Reading and Math Worksheets

Make Learning Fun With These Easter Worksheets

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These free Easter reading and math worksheets will help motivate your child to learn new skills and practice ones they already know. They might even have some fun doing it because they're all Easter themed.

There are free Easter math worksheets below as well as reading and writing Easter worksheets. All the Easter worksheets below are free and can be printed as many times as you want. They're great for teachers and for parents and homeschoolers.

Free Easter Math and Language Art Worksheets at TLS Books

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TLS Books has free Easter math and language arts worksheets, as well as some free Easter coloring pages and mazes.

You'll find free Easter math worksheets in graphing, addition, counting, subtraction, and multiplication. There's also free Easter worksheets here over creative writing, poems, and differences.

Teachnology's Free Easter Worksheets

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At Teachnology, there are free Easter worksheets over word problems, creating a story, alphabetization, picture sentences, plural nouns, vocabulary, following directions, sorting, word families, and letter and sound recognition.

In addition to these free Easter worksheets, you'll also find Easter bingo cards, writing paper, word scrambles, and Easter word searches.

Free Easter Math Worksheets at

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There are free Easter math worksheets here in addition, multiplication, various operations, word problems, counting, graphing, pictographs, and patterning.

Most of these free Easter math worksheets have multiple worksheets you can print for each subject.

Free Easter Worksheets from

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Tim Robberts/The Image Bank/Getty Images has more than 100 free, printable Easter worksheets over letter tracing, subtraction, fractions, measurement, addition, conversions, telling time, grammar, comparisons, poetry, and even Easter history.

You'll need to register for an account at to access the worksheets but membership is free and the Easter worksheets and completely free to download and print.

ABCTeach's Free Easter Worksheets

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ABCTeach also has a great selection of Easter worksheets that the kids will love.

There are Easter math worksheets for multiplication, addition, subtraction, graphing, work problems, and even bunny flash cards.

There are even more free Easter language arts worksheets including writing prompts, comprehension stories, vocabulary cards, writing paper, story planners, poetry, word scrambles, crosswords, and much more.

You'll need to create a free ABCTeach account to be able to access and print these free Easter worksheets.

Free, Printable Easter Worksheets at Busy Teacher

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Busy Teacher has 60+ free, printable Easter worksheets that cover everything from word searches, bingo, trivia, and much more. 

Some of these Easter worksheets even include complete lesson plans making it a great stop for teachers looking for a quick and fun activity for their students.

JumpStart's Free Easter Worksheets

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There aren't quite as many free Easter worksheets at JumpStart but they are very easy to browse and you can quickly find a worksheet that you're interested in.

Worksheets include The Easter Writer, Color Patterns, Easter Handwriting Practice, Easter Word and Picture Math, Easter Math Problems, How Many Eggs, and much more.