Free Easy Elementary Lesson Plans Right At Your Fingertips

If You Know Where To Look, Free Elementary Lesson Plans Can Simplify Your Job

At the core of elementary pedagogy lies the world of lesson plans.

Whether you're substitute teaching or running your own classroom, without the structure and focus that an effective lesson plan provides, even the best teachers can get off track and waste crucial teaching time with their students.

And with the ever-expanding world of the Internet, teachers can become frustrated by the knowledge that there are millions of free lessons out there.


  • do you find lessons that are appropriate for the grade level you teach?
  • do you evaluate the quality of a lesson plan?
  • ...what are some basic lesson plans that every elementary school teacher should have at her fingertips?
  • can I find lesson plans for a specific subject?
But first...

Why Do We Need Lesson Plans?

As beginning teachers, we are all taught in our teacher credentialing program that the purpose of a solid lesson plan is to ensure that our teaching efforts are matched to specific learning objectives that are measurable and in line with district and state standards.

Without lesson plans, our teaching can lose focus and veer away from the quantifiably purposeful. Our students and their parents deserve results. Our administrators demand results from us and will evaluate us based on our students' achievements. Strong lesson plans help us stay on the right track and accomplish these goals.

So What Are The Essential Ingredients Of An Effective Lesson Plan?

Several years ago, my BTSA evaluator talked to me about what she looks for when she's assessing a new teacher's lesson effectiveness. If you want to see what your administrators are looking for in your teaching, you simply must read this outline of a professional evaluator's criteria for what a great lesson looks like to observers.

Invaluable insight, I'd say!

So now you know what you're looking for in an effective and deeply powerful lesson plan. But where do you find them in the jungle of the Internet?

By Subject Matter Or Grade Level? You Decide.

First you need to decide whether you will narrow down your choices by grade level (kindergarten/primary or upper grades) or by subject matter (Art, Language Arts, Math, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies.

Maybe you are looking for online educational games for your students to use during Computer Lab time.

Or, perhaps it's a special time of year and you're looking for ways to educate and celebrate the holidays with your students. Holiday Lesson Plans are abundant. And it's always fun to browse for new ideas to freshen up your teaching traditions of years past. After all, you don't want to get stuck in a rut!

All-Purpose Lesson Plans

If you're lucky you might even find some generic lesson plans that are applicable to multiple subjects and grade levels. Lessons like Easy Bingo are great to have in your back pocket when you have a little extra time or need a filler lesson in case of an emergency or unanticipated change in plans.

Another useful lesson plan to have in your back pocket is Impromptu Speeches. If you find yourself frantic and with an hour of unexpectedly open teaching time staring you down, try implementing an Impromptu Speech hour.

It's easy, fun, and meets the standards for developing Oral Language skills. Plus, there's zero preparation time required!

When You're On The Right Track

No matter how you go about your quest, the materials are out there. It's just an issue of choosing your search strategy and going to the right starting place.

Once you find a lesson plan source that you trust, make sure to keep it bookmarked for future reference.

And if you're having trouble finding just what you need, consider posting a quick message in an Elementary Teachers Forum where you can gain (and give!) assistance from fellow educators who have already found solutions that work in their classrooms.

It's All About The Quality

Remember, a free lesson is only worth your time if it is focused and in line with the grade level learning objectives that your school has delineated.

Trust your professional evaluation skills and put the web's wealth of free lesson plans to work for you!