Free French Worksheets

Print free French worksheets over numbers, colors, and more

These free French worksheets will test what you've been taught to make sure you're actually learning and progressing through the French language.

Print them off to evaluate how well you know your numbers, colors, and common phrases and words in French.

When you're done with these worksheets, consider reading books for learning French and training with French learning software.

Do You Know Your French Numbers?

Learning your numbers is the basics in any language. Print off these free worksheets to test how well you can translate numbers and English words to and from French.

Screenshot of a French counting worksheet
French Counting Worksheet.

Download PDF - Match the 10 numbers together using the English and French words. Two additional parts of this worksheet have you translate larger numbers. The answers can be found in this PDF.

Download PDF - This one has you circle the correct word that represents the number of objects in each square. Other exercises are included as well, like matching English and French numbers and writing the French number that comes next in the sequence. All the answers are included in the last few pages.

Test How Well You Know French Colors With These Free Worksheets

These worksheets have you either write the color you see in French or color the image with what you translate from French. Either way, you're tested on your translation of the language's colors.

Screenshot of a French color by number worksheet from
French Color By Number Game.

Download PDF - Very similar to the previous worksheet, color the sky with the proper colors that are shown in this language. A colored image is available as the key.

Download PDF - More of a guide than a worksheet, and therefore best for absolute beginners, this one shows the French word next to the color. You can use it to study your colors.

More Free French Worksheets

All of these downloads are also free, and test you on other things like animals, nouns, phrases, and other French words.

Screenshot of a free French crossword puzzle
French Crossword Puzzle Game.

Download PDF - Four easy and four medium crossword puzzles can be printed from this one PDF file to test how well you know French words that have to do with transportation. Answers are not included. Similar ones can be downloaded for School and Education, Shopping, and Adjectives

Download PDF - This 17-page file has a handful of sets of questions that test what you know about French grammar, like present tenses and imperfect tenses. All the answers are included in the last page.

Download PDF - With this printable worksheet, you must rewrite 20 French nouns with the correct definite article in front of them. All the answers are included in the second page.

Visit Download Page - This entire worksheet is in French. After reading the prepositions pertaining to where the monkey is in relation to the boxes, you must answer a handful of questions about them. You need to create a free user account with this website before you can download the PDF.

Visit Download Page - Draw a line from the English day to the matching French day. This is a single-page PDF. Here's the answer page.

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