Free GED Classes Online

Guide to Free GED Classes on the Web

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Want to find free GED classes online? Although you must take the official exam in person, free GED classes are available via the internet to help you study and prepare. Free GED classes often contain subject summaries, practice questions and test-taking tips for the four GED testing areas of mathematics, social studies, language arts and science. Here we present links to some of the best free GED classes available.
Keep in mind that some websites require you to provide an email address in order to access their free GED classes. Giving your email opens you up to receiving advertisements, but you can often opt out of them. 

Free Online GED Classes from Free-Ed

The GED Prep & Beyond program at was designed from its inception to meet today’s education and workplace needs. Two programs are available. In the one-year program, students follow a step-by-step process with their other groupmates, studying the four main GED subjects while participating in group work that puts students in a better position to perform well in college or employment settings. A new group is launched on the first Sunday of each month, and assignments change each Sunday. Students who are not interested in the synchronous one-year program can study the four main GED subjects on their own schedule.

4Tests Free Online GED Classes

4Tests offers many tutorials covering the different GED subjects as well as customizable GED practice tests. The site also gives extensive information about the GED test, and tips for practicing and how to study. The free online material from 4Tests includes helpful descriptions of the problems that students face in the different subject areas.

ACE Free GED Study Materials

Although not a course in the traditional sense, one of the best places to find free GED study materials is the American Council on Education (ACE), which administers the GED. You'll need to sign up with ACE to see the content they have available. The program is called MyGED, and once enrolled, you can access GED study materials and other information about the test, as well as step-by-step guidance for using the materials and tips for after graduation.

Best GED Classes

The online classes at Best GED Classes are based on Decrypting the GED, a comprehensive course that helps students develop strategies for passing the GED. With this free program, you can learn about paths to success on the GED, take 25 lessons in the four main GED subjects, sit for 12 practice tests and track your progress along the way.