Free Glider Airplane Plans to Download

Mark Evans / Getty Images

Glider planes are those that do not have a form of propulsion, with the ability to stay flying by remotely controlling the lift that comes from slopes and thermals. These types of RC planes can be made from any type of material such as foam and plastic, and can be extremely light or heavier than you'd think for this type of plane. If you are into RC gliders, these are some of the free glider airplane plans that are available for download.

Outerzone's Classy Class C Glider

With a 28 inch wingspan, this plan is from Flying Aces and uploaded to the Outerzone website where many different free aircraft planes are listed.

Terraplane 22

This is a 22-inch wingspan glider that is listed on the F4B Scale website. It is listed for experience modelers.

Outerzone's Fighter Glider

From Aeromodeller, this glider has a 42-inch wingspan and was made in 1944. It comes from the Outerzone website.

Pocket Rocket Glider

At 12 inches, the pocket rocket is indeed a smaller glider. On the F4B Scale website, it is shown to be for training others and not for a beginner.

Outerzone's Aquila

With a huge 99 inch wingspan, this glider is from Airtronics and was produced in 1975.

Baby Jazz

Another small glider, the Baby Jazz is just 13 inches in wingspan. Easy to build, it is listed as a junior aircraft.

Outerzone's Glider no. 1

A 30-inch wingspan glider from Elite, this specific glider plan was published in 1943.