7 Free GMAT Prep Resources

7 Free Resources to Help Your Prepare for the GMAT

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There are many different courses, books, and other items that you can purchase to prepare for the GMAT. Although many of these resources are well worth the money, you shouldn't ignore the many free GMAT prep resources around the web. Some of the best free GMAT resources offer practice tests, weekly challenges, quiz questions, online forums, and test simulators. Here are 7 free GMAT resources that are worth exploring.


MBA.com is a great place to learn about the GMAT. You can get a feel for test content, register for the test, and learn everything you might want to know about GMAT scores. After registering for a free account on MBA.com, you can also download free GMATPrep software from the actual makers of the GMAT. This software uses the same technology as the GMAT so that you can simulate the actual test experience.

Beat the GMAT

Beat the GMAT is a free online MBA and GMAT community. Since its inception, Beat the GMAT has grown considerably and now offers a wide range of resources, including forums, articles, practice questions, flashcards, book recommendations, and a GMAT resource directory.

Veritas Prep

The Veritas Prep GMAT Simulator allows you to take a practice GMAT test under test-like conditions. The practice test includes a Verbal section, a Quantitative section, and an Analytical Writing Assessment.

Veritas also offers additional resources to anyone that is preparing for the GMAT.

About.com Business School

This site offers access to a free GMAT math course that consists of ten practice GMAT questions as well as GMAT prep advice. The course is delivered in ten parts via email. After completing the course, you can sign up for a free follow-up course titled GMAT Math Course II.

About.com Test Prep

The About.com Test Prep Expert created a free interactive GMAT quiz using actual questions from a GMAT test prep book. The quiz has five levels - easy, medium, hard, very hard, and expert - and includes both verbal and quantitative questions.


800Score.com offers free timed GMAT essays to help you practice under test-like conditions. You can choose one of ten essay links and take 30 minutes to complete a paper on your chosen topic. When you have finished, you will receive an analysis of the essay question as well as sample essay answers from other test takers.

Manhattan GMAT

A weekly GMAT challenge is a great way to prepare for the test. Each week, Manhattan GMAT posts a new online GMAT question to challenge site visitors. If you answer the challenge correctly, you can be entered in a drawing to receive a free Manhattan GMAT prep item.

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