Halloween Worksheets, Printables, and Activities

Printable Halloween Worksheets to Teach Math, Reading, and More

Halloween worksheets can be used in the classroom or at home to teach math, vocabulary, and listening skills to children of all ages. They'll make learning more fun and are a nice break from the everyday worksheets that come with normal parts of the year.

These worksheets are all free to print. In a matter of a few minutes, you'll have a fun and free educational activity all ready to go. The kids are going to love these challenging yet fun worksheets.

There are Halloween-themed worksheets for math, puzzles, bingo, reading comprehension, writing prompts, and trivia. No matter what the age of your students, you should be able to find some free worksheets that they'll enjoy.

Halloween Worksheets to Teach Math

A girl in a Halloween costume working on a math worksheet.
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These Halloween worksheets are all about teaching children math in a fun way that has them counting pumpkins and subtracting ghosts. Mix up some Halloween fun and math facts into your cauldron and your children or students won't be able to resist.

These worksheets reinforce number recognition, counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, patterns, algebra, and geometry. There's something for everyone here, from preschoolers to teens.

Halloween Reading Comprehension Worksheets from WorksheetsPLUS

A girl writing at a table with a jack o' lantern beside her..
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WorksheetsPLUS has several free Halloween worksheets that are passages followed by questions about the reading. You can print these or let the kids take the quizzes online for immediate feedback. These worksheets are recommended for children in 2-4 grades. Answers are provided. There are also some other Halloween worksheets here that cover counting, rhyming, grammar, and more. There are also fun activities that have matching worksheets to go with them.

Halloween Writing Prompts and Story Starters from The Holiday Zone

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The Holiday Zone has some great writing prompts and story starters for Halloween. These will really get the kids thinking and imagining. There are all kinds of ideas here that you'll have a tough time picking which one you should use.

Make answering these writing prompts even more fun by pairing them with some free Halloween writing paper from Teachers Pay Teachers that they can use to answer the question or tell their story.

Halloween Trivia Questions and Quizzes Worksheets from Trivia Champ

A group of kids in Halloween costumes.
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Trivia Champ has an impressive collection of Halloween quiz worksheets that you can print as a PDF. These Halloween worksheets include trivia over ghosts, werewolves, vampires, Halloween movies, candy, monsters, around the world celebrations, and more. All the answers are provided at the end. If you'd rather, students can play these trivia games online.

Halloween Music Worksheets from My Fun Piano Studio

Let’s sing it
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If you're looking for something a bit different, you'll want to check out these free, printable Halloween music worksheets from My Fun Piano Studio. They use Halloween songs to help children read music and learn notes. Spiders, monsters, candy corn, and other fun Halloween images help kids learn intervals, recognize notes, and much more.

Free Halloween Worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers

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Teachers Pay Teachers has thousands of Halloween worksheets that you can print for free. You'll find worksheets over math, language arts, foreign language, art and music, science, and social studies. All of these have a fun Halloween twist that the kids are going to love. You can narrow down your search by filtering by grade level and subject. Sorting options include rating, popularity, and date. It really makes it easy to find a fun Halloween worksheet for however old your kid is.

EdHelper's Printable Halloween Worksheets

A preschool teacher playing with students who are wearing Halloween costumes

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Here you'll find Halloween worksheets as well as classroom and bulletin board decorations, lesson plans, reading books, book units, board games, printables, and lots of fun Halloween activities for preschoolers up to middle schoolers. There are even workbooks that consist of a few related worksheets, bridging concepts together. You can only get a certain amount of EdHelper's worksheets for free so keep that in mind as you are downloading them.

K5 Learning's Free Halloween Worksheets

Happy Halloween written on a chalkboard, surrounded by colored pencils

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Sink your fangs into these free, printable Halloween worksheets from K5 Learning, making them perfect for elementary-school aged kids. There are worksheets on tracing, vocabulary, spelling, and math. They're all Halloween-themed making them extra-fun to complete. There are also some Halloween puzzles, patterns, mazes, word searches, and coloring sheets. With all this Halloween fun the kids won't be counting down the day until it's time to go get that candy.

Free, Printable Halloween Coloring Worksheets

A boy in a superhero costume sitting at his school desk.
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When the work is done and it's time to have some fun, these free, printable Halloween coloring worksheets will be a pleasant surprise for the kids. The little kids will really love these Halloween coloring pages while improving their fine motor skills. Even teens and adults will love these unique coloring pages that just take seconds to print.

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