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I've got my iPhone. I've got my iPad. And now I can download these free apps to help with my next house painting project:

1. PaintRemedy. Everything you need to know about solving paint problems, with tips on how to fix them.

2. ColorSnap. Take photos of colors you like and find Sherwin William paint colors to match. Well, the match might not be perfect, but this app can help you zero in on the look you want.

3. Palettes. Blend and mix complicated color palettes to create just the right shades for your painting and decorating projects. Comes in different versions: Free, Basic, and Pro. Beware, though, because the free version runs like a Pro at first, then reverts back. For more complex tasks, get the advanced version for dollars more.

4. Paint Tester. Take a picture of your room that needs painting, then virtually try out different color schemes.

5. Project Color™ by The Home Depot. Works like the Paint Tester app above, but with an orange Home Depot apron....

6. Paint My Place. Good for visualizing exterior house paint colors using real brand name paint colors. Upgrade with more choices for a few dollars more.

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Reader Comments:

March 4, 2013 at 4:49 am says:

Hi, great post! Can I please recommend our house painting related app for the Google android phone? It's basically our entire website, including galleries, videos, articles, all related to house painting, but squashed down to size so it fits on your phone! And it's FREE. Please go here to collect the free app.


March 26, 2013 at 1:23 pm Jerry C. says:

Jackie — In your bio, you advertise yourself as an architectural journalist. It is not only helpful, but also a responsibility of professional journalists, to leave info for the broader community of homeowners and professionals, rather than just Apple phone users. Otherwise, this would just be a blog for dilettantes. Would you leave painting advice for only Toyota owners? BTW, I am an architect, and this blog stands out and apart like a blaring neon sign from what I am used to reading in most professional sources.

After about 2 minutes of searching, I found that the Sherwin-Williams "Color Snap" tool is available for Blackberry and Android phones also. But again, someone pretending to be an expert and an advice-giver should offer this info. Jackie, I know you can do better.

March 26, 2013 at 7:16 pm architecture responds:

Hey, Jerry,

Colors are tricky to represent digitally, and Apple does have a history of superb graphics, including color reproduction. Hence the focus.

The Color Snap tool for Android devices can be downloaded from the Sherwin Williams website, and several other paint companies also offer Android versions of their paint color apps. But this blog post is about iPhone and iPad apps, so discussion of Android products wanders a bit off topic.

Our article about a wider range of paint color software can be found at

March 27, 2013 at 3:22 pm Jerry C. says:

Jackie — There are a few alarming things wrong with what you just said.

First, whilst Apple is known for superb graphics, non-Apple products also offer superb graphics. While Adobe and Apple have dominated in the Graphic Arts world, they are used by a VERY SMALL MINORITY of architectural firms. I currently have and have worked with perhaps one hundred architectural workstations … none of them Apple. This is not a competition though. It's just that you made a claim that INSINUATED that Apple makes better graphics products than other companies, without actually saying that. Your insinuation is factually wrong and irrelevant in this industry.

Second, you said that this blog post is about iPhone & iPad apps. However, the title says "Free House Paint Apps." I'm directed to this blog from "About Architecture." is not about Apple products. There is no warning in the title that you are simply enamored with your electronic gizmo and don't fathom that there is a bigger world out there. You did mention other alternatives ONLY after the fact and in the response to my comment.

Third, I didn't just mention Android in addition to Apple, but I also mentioned Blackberry. The concept here is to be brand agnostic. The world is not Apple, nor is it just Apple and Android. It is a disservice to the public to focus on certain brands when they have no compelling advantage over others.

June 26, 2013 at 3:11 am pepe the ultimate says:

These aren't really apps for painting houses. There is an app which literally paints houses called 'House Painter.'

It simulates the paint going on the walls and looks real. It's like using a kid's program because it's so automated. All realtime and stuff.

Makes all these other programs look pointless.

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