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The LSAT is an expensive exam, but LSAT prep doesn't have to be. We combed through all the free LSAT prep resources available to find the highest-quality study tools that won't break the bank. From flashcard apps to exam day simulators to full-length practice tests, these are the best free LSAT prep materials for every study style.

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Best Free Practice Test: The Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

There’s no better place to go for a full-length LSAT practice test than the creators of the LSAT. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) offers a free, full-length free practice test on their official website. The test includes real questions from a previously administered LSAT, including a prompt for the writing section. LSAC provides instructions for timing each section to get the most realistic results, instructions for scoring your test, and an answer key. The LSAC website also lists the most up-to-date details about changes to the test, so make sure to spend some time exploring the rest of the site.

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Best Free LSAT Simulation Resources: 7Sage

7Sage's free LSAT simulation resources are ideal for test-takers who struggle with test anxiety. Their free LSAT app is designed to familiarize you with the conditions of the real exam, including timing, five-minute warnings, and a proctor feature that reads the word-for-word test instructions out loud. The app even includes "distraction sounds" to help you get used to taking the test with background noise. If the test environment makes you nervous or you are worried about performing poorly under pressure, the 7Sage app is a great tool for calming your fears.

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Best Free LSAT Practice Questions: Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep provides an abundance of free, high-quality LSAT practice questions. The LSAT Score Predictor guides you through a set of practice questions and generates a predicted LSAT score based on your current abilities. There’s also a full-length practice test, a 20-minute LSAT “workout” with answer explanations and strategy suggestions, and a five-question pop quiz.

Kaplan’s free resources are a good option if you already have a comprehensive study plan and want to supplement it with additional practice questions. They're also helpful diagnostic tools to use at the beginning of your LSAT prep process.

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Best Free Mobile App: LSATMax LSAT Prep Courses

LSATMax’s LSAT Prep Course is available as a smartphone app. After signing up for a free account, you'll gain access to resources including logic games, practice questions, quizzes, and in-app drills. You can also take a full-length diagnostic practice LSAT right on your phone. LSATMax will even create a personalized study timeline based on your expected exam date.

Some of the app's features, like one-on-one tutoring and certain personalization tools, require in-app purchases. However, there are plenty of free materials that you can start using right away.

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Best Free LSAT Study Guide: Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep offers free, in-depth guides to every section of the LSAT. These guides provide a comprehensive look at what to expect from each section, including common LSAT terms, concepts, and question times. The guides also provide helpful test-taking strategies and tips for how to start the prep process. Union Test Prep’s study guide is best for students who aren’t yet familiar with the LSAT and are looking for a quick but comprehensive overview of the exam.

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Best Free LSAT Prep Course: Khan Academy

Khan Academy teamed up with the Law School Admission Council to create a free, self-guided LSAT prep course that you can tailor to your individual needs. After creating an account, you'll take an initial diagnostic test. Khan Academy will use your results to give you a predicted LSAT score and determine what you should study first. From there, Khan Academy creates a customized LSAT prep plan for you, complete with a specific score goal, timeline, and suggested lessons and practice quizzes. The course's video and interactive lessons provide easy-to-understand explanations of concepts and understand question types, while practice quizzes enable you to drill particular skill sets. The prep course also includes full-length, timed practice LSATs.

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Best Free Video and Interactive Lessons: LSAT Center

Visual and auditory learners will benefit from the LSAT Center's free library of video and interactive lessons. The 68 video lessons, which are led by expert instructors, dig into question types, common LSAT concepts, and the trickiest parts of the exam. Meanwhile, the interactive games offer an engaging way to drill yourself on new skills and develop “muscle memory” that will help you on exam day. The LSAT Center’s lessons focus heavily on reading comprehension and logic games, so if you struggle with either of these sections, these resources may be a particularly good fit for you.

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Best Free LSAT Flashcards: Magoosh

Magoosh offers a set of 190 free flashcards, available both as an app and on the web. The flashcards are organized by skill level and topic, such as vocabulary words and logic concepts. You can use them to quiz yourself on everything from if-then statements to transitional language. The app tracks your progress so you can revisit any cards you initially struggled with. Magoosh’s LSAT flashcards are great for last-minute cram sessions or prepping on the go. They're also well-suited for test-takers who struggle with high-level vocabulary or benefit from a lot of repetition. 

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