Free MCAT Practice Tests

Congratulations. You registered for the MCAT exam, and now, you're looking at all of your prep options. Should you buy an MCAT book? Purchase an app? Select an MCAT course from one of the top test prep companies in the country? Or, should you head online or to a testing center and take some free MCAT practice tests? Some "free MCAT practice tests" you may find online may not be reputable or even really free, so it's important to know which of those free MCAT practice tests are worth your very valuable time.

Here is a selection of free MCAT practice tests from reputable test prep companies/makers and medical professionals. Take a look around, pick a few that are right for you, and get yourself prepared for a test that is sure to knock your socks off.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review. The Princeton Review

Known across the globe for their test prep, The Princeton Review offers free MCAT practice tests to those of you hoping to knock this test out of the ballpark. You can search online for a live practice MCAT in your area or register for a practice test online if one is not offered. I searched in my surrounding area for an MCAT practice test to take in person, and found one within 20 minutes of my home.

Format: Online and In-Person

What's Included:

  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • Two different tests: an MCAT practice test or diagnostic exam.
  • The MCAT Practice Test, which mimics the actual MCAT. All subjects are tested.
  • MCAT Diagnostic Exam, which is designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses. It contains enough questions to test your science content knowledge or your ability to work with different Verbal question types. The Verbal Diagnostic Exam also includes a Reading Comprehension test.


Kaplan Updated
Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan, the largest test prep company in the world, also offers free MCAT practice tests along with tons of various courses and classes for free, too. I searched for a live practice test in my area, but was referred to the "MCAT Classroom Anywhere" practice test, which simply means that I can sign up, take it online in a real-time setting. Like The Princeton Review, Kaplan also offers free MCAT informational sessions, too. Classes like "MCAT 2015: Understanding the New MCAT" and an "MCAT Preview" class were offered for free, too.

Format: Live Online and In-Person

What's Included:

  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • An MCAT preview course is included once you register for the free MCAT test. You'll be taken to your own personalized page where you can see what Kaplan offers for MCAT prep, and also take the free test.



You've heard of McGraw-Hill, right? BenchPrep uses McGraw-Hill's MCAT preparatory materials to offer you a free, seven-day trial of their products. After you sign up, where you must provide your credit card, you'll get seven days for free. After that, you'll be charged $25/month if you don't cancel (which is still very inexpensive compared to other test prep courses you'll find out there!)

Format: Online

What's Included:

  • Not only do you get a free MCAT practice test, you get access to the prep materials for seven days.
  • 597 Lessons
  • 262 Practice Questions
  • 409 Flashcards
  • 5 Quizzes



So, you don't have to go with a test prep company if you'd like to take a free MCAT practice test. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) provides the MCAT practice test 3 for free, and the others on the site are only $1.00, which is pretty close to the same thing.

Format: Online

What's Included:

  • timed practice option to simulate the actual exam
  • untimed practice options for review and study
  • options to select subsets of items for customized practice by difficulty of items, exam section, content classification, cognitive skill tested, and reading passage type
  • on/off setting for solutions
  • marking feature to identify items for review
  • detailed score report on all dimensions of the multiple choice items
  • ability to review items by category directly from the score report
  • settings for examinees approved for accommodations
  • repeat the exam as many times as you want