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Free MCAT question of the day services are an ideal supplement to your study plan. Answering daily questions will keep your mind sharp and ensure that you're familiar with every question type long before you take the exam. 

We've sifted through all the available free MCAT question of the day services to find the most reliable, convenient, and high-quality options. Read on to learn which sites to add to your study plan today.

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Most Realistic Practice Questions: Kaplan Practice Question of the Day

The practice questions in Kaplan's MCAT Question of the Day service are consistently well-written and aligned with real test questions. All materials are updated regularly in accordance with changes to the MCAT, so you can be confident that everything you practice is similar to what you'll see on the official MCAT. Plus, Kaplan's instructors and curriculum writers earned high MCAT scores and advanced degrees themselves, so their answer explanations are supported by real expertise.

You can get Kaplan’s daily practice questions and answer explanations sent directly to your inbox. Or, simply head over to their website every day for a brand new practice question.

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Best Variety of Question Topics: Varsity Tutors Free MCAT Questions of the Day

The Varsity Tutors MCAT Question of the Day service includes a daily practice question in each of four subject areas: biology, social and behavioral sciences, verbal reasoning, and physical sciences. You can choose to focus only on certain subject areas, or answer all four questions each day, which adds up to a lot of free practice over time. The daily question comes with a timer, so you can keep an eye on how long it takes you to complete each MCAT question type. You can also use the email feature to send the question and answer to yourself for future review.

The Varsity Tutors MCAT Question of the Day can be accessed online or straight through the Varsity Tutors app. The app, which is perfect for on-the-go practice, tracks your performance and can even create quizzes and flashcards for you. 

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Best Search Feature: M Prep Question of the Day Blog

Reviewing the answers to practice questions you’ve already completed is an essential part of your MCAT study prep. M Prep’s free MCAT Question of the Day service allows you to search through all the past practice questions from the last several years. You can also search for questions containing specific terms in order to hone in on a concept or topic area. practice questions covering specific topics. you’d specifically like to review. Finally, you can generate a random MCAT practice question on any given day for additional free bonus practice.

When you sign up, you will receive M Prep’s practice MCAT questions in your inbox every day. Each question comes with a brief answer explanation and a quick review of the relevant concept, formula, or theory. 

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Best Answer Explanations: MotivateMD Free MCAT Question of the Day

High-quality answer explanations are essential to successful MCAT prep, but not all free question of the day services offer them. That's why MotivateMD's Free MCAT Question of the Day blog stands out. MotivateMD focuses on high-yield, or commonly tested, MCAT subjects. Each question is accompanied by a detailed answer explanation that covers the relevant concept, the thought process necessary to reach the correct answer, and reasons why all the other multiple choice options are incorrect.

If you like MotivateMD’s daily questions, you can sign up with your email address to receive an extra bundle of one hundred free practice questions. 

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Best CARS Practice Questions: Jack Westin Daily CARS MCAT Question of the Day

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) section requires reading, digesting, and analyzing complex passages. Many prospective med students consider it the most challenging section on the MCAT. If you're feeling nervous about CARS, the Jack Westin Daily CARS MCAT Question of the Day can help.

Unlike many other services, Westin’s site specializes in CARS questions only. Subscribe to the email newsletter and you’ll receive one CARS passage and question each day. This service stands out because the visual format is nearly identical to what you’ll see on test day. There’s even a timer so you can practice reading passages efficiently. You can also search Westin’s MCAT Question of the Day page to see the archives of all previous practice CARS questions.

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Best Question of the Day Email Newsletter: Next Step Test Prep MCAT Question of the Day

Next Step Test Prep offers several free MCAT prep resources for aspiring med students, including an email newsletter with MCAT questions of the day. If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive one realistic MCAT practice question and detailed answer explanation every weekday. 

Next Step Test Prep’s practice questions are written by the company’s in-house National MCAT Director, who scored a 525 on the exam. Behavioral sciences, physics, math, and general and organic chemistry practice questions all make appearances in Next Step’s Question of the Day newsletter.

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