Free MCSE Practice Test

Read the question and then click on the checkbox that contains the correct answer. Some questions may have multiple answers, in which case you can place a check in the box next to each correct answer.

The small field to the immediate right of the question will display Yes if you are correct or No if you have selected the wrong answer.

Click on the Explanation button to find out more about the answer. This is really helpful if you get the answer wrong because it can give you more detail on what the answer pertains to. Therefore, this isn't just a test, necessarily, but also a type of study guide.

Choosing the Next Question > button lets you move through the MCSE Practice test. There is a poll and additional MCSE resources on the final page of the MCSE Practice test, so be sure to follow through with all the questions. 

Your answers are not graded, so you can't see which topics you struggled with. Therefore, keep track of the difficult ones yourself so you can read up on where you need to improve.

Good luck!

More Information on the MCSE Test

According to Microsoft, the MCSE 70-290 test examines your skills when it comes to "managing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment."

These are the main topics discussed in the test:

  • Create and manage user, group, and computer accounts
  • Manage file and share permissions
  • Help control Web server access and manage sites with Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Manage hardware devices, disk storage, software, and print services
  • Implement backup procedures and perform system recovery

The link at the top of this page is for a free MCSE 70-290 test, but some study material comes at a cost. This may be a good thing if you've exhausted all the free study tests you can find because the ones that cost are typically full of lots of useful information.

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