4 Free Online GED Prep Classes for Adults

Prepare for a Better Future with Free Online GED Prep Courses

The GED (General Education Development) test is an alternative to high school. A person who has passed the GED exam is qualified for better jobs, promotions, or to attend college. For many people who were not able to complete high school, the GED is a terrific alternative.

But it's not easy to pass the GED without preparation and help. That's because the test covers topics that are usually taught in high school classes. Grammar, literature, algebra, biology, and history are all included on the exam. 

Many libraries and community colleges offer free GED prep classes. But for working adults, it can be tough to get to attend such classes regularly. That's why many adults interested in the GED choose online options. 

Some online GED offerings are fairly expensive. Others, however, are free. And higher cost doesn't always mean higher quality.

To be sure you've found a legitimate free GED class, you need to be sure to read websites carefully. Many offer free practice tests but charge for classes. On each site you investigate, look for and read the 'About Us' page and the 'FAQs'. And never enter a credit card if a site says it's free. If it's free, why would you enter a credit card or offer PayPal information? Don't.

There are some sites that offer free classes, but require that you purchase materials. Others offer online materials free. If you want a hard copy study guide in addition to the online materials, that cost will be yours. Know what you are getting yourself into before it's too late.

We've listed a few truly free resources for you.

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This option might require a little digging on your part, but if you prefer to learn in a classroom, it might also be the very best route for you. Start with the resources your own state provides if you live in the U.S. States vary in their requirements and resources, but all will point you in the right direction. 

Community resources include classes offered at adult education centers around the country, and almost every library will have GED books you can check out. If you need literacy help, many communities also have free literacy councils. Google "adult education" and/or "literacy" and the name of your community, or look in your local phone book, if you still have one.

MyGED is a free service offered by the official GED Testing Service. You start by taking a GED Ready practice test, which identifies what you already know and what you need to study. This test provides you with a study plan and identifies materials you can purchase in the GED Marketplace from various publishers. There is a cost for these materials. Some are on the pricey side, but because they are listed by the official service, you can be sure they are products that are teaching the correct material. If you want a hard copy study guide to help you with your online studying, you'll have this cost anyway. Shop around and find the guide and the price that are right for you. Remember, you can also check out GED study guides at your local library.

MyGED also helps you locate prep classes near you and testing centers.

The website MyCareerTools.com is an online academy that teaches a range of courses for career development. GED prep is just one of these. They offer a GED Academy built around videos and interactive quizzes, as well as a range of tools to help you plan and stay on track to earn your degree.

Study.com is a well-established educational website that offers content on many different subjects. It also offers a free GED program. Through Study.com, you can watch educational videos, take quizzes and tests, and track your progress. What makes this program special, though, are the live tutors who can help you if you get stuck!