Free Online Dictionaries for German

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Whether you're a student of the language or just a traveler looking to pick up a few phrases, a German to English dictionary is a useful tool. This is a collection of links to various online dictionaries for German. Some allow you to search by category, like cars or sports. These are Web-based online dictionaries for German that do not require any special software (other than a Web browser) or any particular operating system.

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Learn German Abbreviations

Abbreviations are the shortening of words or phrases. When you're familiar with a language, they're usually pretty straightforward. If you're just learning a language, you may want to brush up on what their common abbreviations are. 

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Learn to Talk About Cars

No matter where you go, cars are still one of the best ways to get around. In the country that invented the BMW, you'll definitely want to learn to talk shop. Look here for all your German automobiles and driving words. Learn how to say words related to cars, driving, traffic signs, and more!

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Avoiding Bad Words

It's sad but true that; when people are learning to speak a foreign language, they usually learn swear words first. As fun as it can be to learn to swear in another language, it's important to learn which words are impolite so you can avoid using them. 

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Learn Computer and Internet Words

If you ever find yourself in a German Mac store, knowing a few of technical terms might help you out. Look here for all the computer and Internet words to know.

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Essential German Phrases

If you're traveling to Germany, this set of essential German phrases is a must have. You may not be able to have an in-depth conversation, but knowing key phrases like "how much is that" or "excuse me" go a long way towards making your travels easier.

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Where Are You From?

It's common for travelers to be asked where they're from. With this glossary of countries and nationalities, you'll be able to tell people where you're from in a proper German fashion. 

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Goal! Learn to Talk Sports in German

Nothing brings people together like cheering for the same sports team. If you want to be able to comment on the game while you're at the local beer hall, a list of sports and Olympics terms will help you make your point.

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Saying Thank You

If you learn one phrase in German, it should be thank you. Practicing gratitude is good for everyone. Learn 10 ways to say thank you in German.

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German Conjugation

Any English major will tell you learning the words of a language isn't enough; you need to learn the grammar too. Check out a verbs guide for German to help you conjugate German verbs.

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Talking About the Weather

One bit of small talk that never seems to get old is chatting about the weather. If you want to tell your friends how much you enjoy sunny days or that they'll need an umbrella, check out a weather dictionary.