State-by-State List of Free Online Public Schools, K–12

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Many states offer some type of online public school courses to resident students. Some states offer full online high school diploma programs, while others offer a limited number of virtual courses. These classes can be great resources for homeschoolers or children looking to supplement their primary education.

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In order to ensure that all students have access to Advanced Placement (AP) and electives, the state offers online courses to all high school students. These courses are meant to supplement the student's in-school curriculum by allowing them access to classes that may not be available in their local school.

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Students in Arizona have several options for online learning ranging from supplemental lessons to earning their high school diploma. There are several virtual schools which offer students the chance at an entirely individualized education plan.

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The Arkansas Virtual Academy is a charter school that offers a full K-12 education to state students. Students are allowed to set their own pace.​

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Students in California can choose between one of several charter ​or public virtual schools.

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The states dedication to education is just one of the many things to love about Colorado. Students can choose between several public and charter online schools.

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The sunshine state is helping students reach their full potential through individual learning programs offered through several online charter schools.

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Students in Georgia can attend the states free public online charter school, which offers a challenging curriculum and state certified teachers.

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In order to ensure that students all over Hawaii have the access to the best education for them, the state offers several online charter schools.

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Students in the Chicago area looking for quality online learning are in luck, the city will provide computers to students enrolled in their virtual charter school.

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Students in Indiana can choose from one of several state funded virtual charter schools.

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When it comes to choice in online learning opportunities Michigan has one of the largest offerings of virtual schools. Several charter schools offer personalized online learning curriculums for all ages.

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Students grades six through 12 have the opportunity to enroll in Mississippi's online learning program.

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While many states provide free enrollment into virtual schools Missouri's virtual instruction program is tuition based. It offers courses to public, private and homeschool students.

For students looking for a full k-12 education, there are several charter and public virtual schools to choose from. North Carolina is also home to one of the United State's largest state virtual school. The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics offers supplemental lessons to high school juniors and seniors.

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K-12 students in Ohio have several options for virtual education ranging from supplemental courses to degree programs.

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Oklahoma charter schools offer high school students the opportunity to earn their degree online.

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Students in Oregon can choose between tuition based or free virtual education options. Some schools offer assistance with computers while others expect students to provide their own technology.

Students in Pennsylvania's SusQ-Cyber Charter School have the opportunity to follow along with classroom instruction in real time.​​

This state offers students several online education opportunities. They are tuition free and provide technical assistance to students in need.

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Students in grades K-12 can choose from one of several state reviewed virtual charter school programs.

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There are several states supervised virtual charter schools available to Utah students.

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Students in Washington can choose to earn a high school diploma from one of the states several virtual academies, or simply supplement their in-school education with virtual classes.

In an effort to combat students distance from quality education, West Virginia started providing supplemental online education for all students.

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Wisconsin boasts one of the nation's first distance learning courses. Students in grades k-12 can earn a quality education at one of several virtual academies.