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Adult Fun at the Computer

You can have some adult-themed free strip poker right on your computer. No one's watching. Check out these free strip poker sites you can play online, without downloading anything to your machine. None of them is too raunchy, but all are for adults only ... it is strip poker, after all. 

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Star Poker

For couples, strip poker is sexy fun./Vincent Besnault/Digital Vision

This site lets you pick a boy or girl opponent to play strip poker with. The interface can be confusing at first -- you need to click on the cards you want to discard, not keep, and if you want to fold you need to hit "drop" -- but it's pretty easy after that.

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This free strip poker site only features women and had the same interface (choose the cards you want to discard, not keep) as Star Poker, so if you can figure out Star Poker, this should be easy.

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Carl's Freakin' Strip Poker

This silly game from Adult Swim is a promo for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. You choose a cartoon character and play against Carl, the fat neighbor on the show. He's probably not the first person you'd choose to play strip poker against, but if you enjoy silly cartoons, check it out. If you're not a cartoon fan, you can probably skip this one.

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Strip Poker at eAdultGames

At this free strip poker site you play against the house and buy pieces of clothing or tip your opponent so she will change poses. You can choose from a naughty nurse, cheerleader, or two other women to play with. The site is a little cluttered and seedy, but if that's your thing. ...

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Strip Poker and Blackjack at Poker Moker

This site lets you play strip poker or blackjack with your choice of dozens of sexy cartoon women. To get started, click on the picture of the animated lady you like, and you'll be given a bit of info about her. This game is played like jacks or better video poker.

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Playing for Real

If playing these games online makes you want to play for real, just be sure the friends you ask are adults and couples or want to be couples and are down with taking at least some of it off. If you aren't prudent (no pun intended) you might end up losing more than your clothes over this game.