Thanksgiving Math Worksheets and Activities for Kids

Free, Printable Math Worksheets All About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving math worksheets are a fun way to get kids interested in the subject. For some reason, they can't seem to resist a math worksheet when it's decorated with some silly turkeys!

All of the worksheets listed below are free and can be printed from your own printer. They're great for the classroom or to use at home around Thanksgiving time.

They cover just about everything, including skip counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparisons, ratios, patterns, fractions, word problems, and more.

If you like these selections, you can find other free Thanksgiving worksheets to keep the kids learning over break. When they're done with those, there are some free Christmas math worksheets and other Christmas worksheets that they'll love.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets From

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At, you'll find Thanksgiving math worksheets all decked out with turkeys, cornucopias, and the Mayflower.

These will help students practice comparing numbers, ordering numbers, multiplying, ratios, skip counting, patterns, ratios, and addition.

You can download these worksheets as PDF files. The answer key for each one is included as an additional page. There are also different versions of several of the worksheets, making them great for a classroom.

Free Thanksgiving Math Worksheets From Teachers Pay Teachers

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There are more than 1,500 free Thanksgiving math worksheets just at Teachers Pay Teachers. Just look for the word "Free" to the right of the description.

There are all sorts of math activities and worksheets here that are all Thanksgiving-themed. They teach and enforce skills over number sense, multiplication, addition, counting, division, places, hundreds of charts, graphs, and so much more.

You can sort these worksheets by grade level and subject, but you'll need to log in to download them (it's free).

Kidzone Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

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The Thanksgiving math worksheets at Kidzone are conveniently organized by grade level. You'll find worksheets from children in Grades 1-5.

The skills included in these worksheets are magic squares, math tables, word problems, adding, number sentences, decimals, multiplication, and division.

Free, Printable Thanksgiving Math Worksheets at Soft Schools

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Not only does Soft School have a huge list of free Thanksgiving math worksheets, but they also have math games and quizzes. You'll also find Thanksgiving history and facts, handwriting worksheets, and printable coloring sheets.

There are worksheets to help kids with counting, number tracing, addition, and subtraction. They also have math quizzes that are Thanksgiving-themed.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets From

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Here you'll find Thanksgiving math fact worksheets for addition, subtraction, a combination of addition and subtraction, multiplication, time problems, and measurement problems.

There are also graph puzzles, time and measurement problems, counting puzzles, and worksheets themed around pilgrims.

Use one, all, or any number in between of these math word problems to create a fun activity for the kids.

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets From Enchanted Learning

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Enchanted Learning has a whole page of Thanksgiving math worksheets just for K-3 grades.

There's turkey bingo, number patterns, and counting worksheets that feature scarecrows, turkeys, leaves, and pumpkins.

There are other Thanksgiving worksheets here for spelling, writing, and more.

Super Teacher Worksheets Thanksgiving Math Worksheets

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The Thanksgiving math worksheets at Super Teacher Worksheets will help kids with their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterning, and more.

Note: Look for the yellow "Free" sticker by the worksheets that are free.

Little Giraffes' Thanksgiving Math and Science Activities

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There are lots of ideas for math and science projects here that are all themed around Thanksgiving.

There's a printable roll-a-turkey activity, ideas for making patterns and graphs, a printable turkey glyph, and much more.

Pumpkin Counting Card Printables from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

A kid holding pumpkins seeds

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Here are some free, printable Thanksgiving math worksheets just for the little ones. These cards are in the shape of pumpkins and use pumpkin seeds to help with counting skills 1-10.

There are also some other math worksheets here including ones that teach counting, tracing, and more.

Thanksgiving Math Activity Worksheet from What the Teacher Wants

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What the Teacher Wants has designed this fun Thanksgiving Math Activity that comes with a corresponding worksheet that you can print and hand out to each student.

The activity has students work together as a team to create a Thanksgiving meal budget using ads from local stores. There are lots of guidelines and tips here that should make it a quick and valuable activity for your students.

Thanksgiving Worksheets and Printables from

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Carol Yepes/Getty Images has a few pages full of Thanksgiving math worksheets and other fun activities. These are worksheets primarily for students preschool through 4th grade. There's coloring by number, word problems, counting, budgeting, multiplication, fractions, and much more.

You can search by popularity, most recent, title, and relevance. You can further filter the results by choosing a grade from the categories on the left side of the page. You'll need to have an account to be able to print these worksheets but you can join for free.

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