Free, Printable Thanksgiving Worksheets

Make Learning Fun With These Thanksgiving Worksheets

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These printable Thanksgiving worksheets are all free for you to use at home or in the classroom. They can be such a great way to add some fun around Thanksgiving time to the normal boring everyday worksheets.

The purpose of these free Thanksgiving worksheets is to help teach students math and reading while putting a fun seasonal twist to make them more fun to complete. Some of the worksheets are head-on in their approach and others will teach your kids math and reading in a more approachable manner through games and puzzles.

The worksheets below are very easy to print, just click on the worksheet you like and then use your printer to print them. You're done and the worksheets are ready to go in just a few minutes time.

You may also want to check out these Thanksgiving vocab words to use with your classroom or child. There are also some Christmas worksheets and Christmas math worksheets that will get you ready for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Worksheets That Teach and Reinforce Math Skills

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These Thanksgiving worksheets are all about math. You'll find Thanksgiving worksheets on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, number order, and math word problems.

There's a wide variety of grade and age levels for these math Thanksgiving worksheets so you should be able to find some appropriate worksheets for all ages of students.

Besides teaching math, these Thanksgiving worksheets are decorated with turkeys and pumpkins making them extra fun and really special.

Teachers Pay Teachers' Thanksgiving Worksheets

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Teachers Pay Teachers has over 6,000 free Thanksgiving worksheets! You can sort these worksheets by grade and resource type as well as by rating, most recent, and bestsellers. You can also browse by categories such as language arts, math, science, art and music social studies, and more.

You can find just about any type of concept here and they are all themed for Thanksgiving. There are more than just worksheets too, you'll also find unit plans, games, mat centers, apps, and assessments.

Thanksgiving Worksheets for Reading at K12 Reader

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K12 Reader has a great selection of free Thanksgiving worksheets that approach reading skills on many different levels through writing, reading, and more.

You'll find Thanksgiving worksheets that include lined writing paper, mazes, noun and adjective work, writing prompts, reading passages, coloring pages, and more. These worksheets download and print in a PDF worksheet which makes them a snap to use.

There isn't a way to filter or sort these worksheets but it's worth taking a few minutes to browse through the two-pages of Thanksgiving learning fun.

Custom Thanksgiving Tracer Page Worksheets from Kids Zone

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Kids Zone has a Thanksgiving worksheet generator where you can enter what letters or words you want to create a tracer page for. You can choose standard block printing font, script type printing font, and or cursive font.

Each of the printable tracer pages will have some cute Thanksgiving images at the bottom of a cornucopia, Thanksgiving turkey, and a wild turkey, so it makes sense to create a custom tracer page for Thanksgiving words or related letters.

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets at

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David De Lossy / Getty Images has 150+ free Thanksgiving worksheets, activities, and lesson plans that can be sorted for grades preschool to fifth grade.

There are worksheets for math, reading and writing, science, social studies, and art. There are also other fun activities that including coloring sheets, arts and crafts activities, and offline games.

Note: Not all the worksheets at are free, you'll need to visit each one to make sure it says "Free Download."

Printable Thanksgiving Writing Prompts From Classroom Jr.

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The Thanksgiving season lends itself to some one-of-a-kind writing prompts that will hopefully get your kids excited about writing.

These free, printable Thanksgiving worksheets include a writing prompt, fun image, and lines so they can write it all out.

Here are some other Thanksgiving writing prompts if you're looking for more ideas. Have the kids write their response on one of these Thanksgiving-themed writing papers to make it even more fun.

Thanksgiving Printable Worksheets from Teachnology

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Teachnology has Thanksgiving worksheets on poem structure, cryptograms, creative writing, reading comprehension, and vocab. They also have complete worksheet series and resources all about Thanksgiving.

In addition to the worksheets, there are lots of Thanksgiving fun here for the kids including printable coloring pages, mazes, bookmarks, writing papers, and songs.

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