Free Revised GRE Practice Tests Online

Four Places to Get Free GRE Practice Tests Online

Free GRE Practice Tests Online

When you are starting to prepare for the Revised GRE and you have figured out that you could use some practice tests (and who couldn't?), then consider using free GRE practice tests offered online through reputable companies. Not all practice tests are created the same, as I'm sure you've found out in your search for test prep! There are many people out there looking to make a quick buck who are offering GRE practice tests that just are not up to standard. Have no fear! Here are four places to get GRE practice tests online from respectable companies with literally no hassles or worries. Since many of you will recognize the names of the providers listed below, you won't have to worry about taking a test that looks nothing like the actual GRE.

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GRE Practice Test #1: ETS

ETS for free GRE practice tests

ETS, the makers of the GRE test, have free GRE practice tests on their site available for anyone who signs up for an account. Bonus? Since they are the ones creating and administering the GRE exam, they might know a thing or two about what is on the test.

Format: Powerprep II Version 2.2 Software

What's Included:

  • Two computer-based GRE General Tests
  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • A user-friendly interface so you can go back and change answers within sections if necessary. You'll also be able to use the onscreen calculator
  • Scored sample essays with reader's remarks
  • Test-taking strategies

GRE Practice Test #2: Kaplan

Kaplan Test Prep Logo

Kaplan, the largest test prep company in the world for standardized testing, has thrown in its hat for the free GRE practice tests, as well. They also have some great freebies that go along with the practice tests, so you'll be aptly prepared when test day comes around.

Format: Online and On-site

What's Included:

  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • One practice test for the Revised GRE
  • Detailed feedback
  • Access to a Kaplan tutor after taking the practice test to answer percentile questions, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and make an appointment for tutoring or classes if you're interested.

GRE Practice Test #3:The Princeton Review

Princeton Review for free GRE practice tests
The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review, well-known for their test prep prowess, offers a free GRE practice test online, too. And since this company is highly reviewed for every test prep service they offer, their GRE practice tests should be top-notch, too. Check out the goodies that go with it the test.

Format: Online

What's Included:

  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • A sample lesson from their interactive online courses
  • A full-length computer-adaptive GRE practice test

GRE Practice Test #4: My GRE Tutor

Tutoring. Getty Images | Peopleimages

So, although I hadn't heard of this company before, the sign-up process is simple, and the GRE test is, of course, free. The questions seem similar to actual GRE test questions and you also get the essay scoring option, which is a fantastic bonus that many test prep companies do not offer. Since it is free, I'd be willing to sign up and check it out. I think you should, too!

Format: Online

What's Included:

  • A timed format to mimic testing conditions
  • A complete testing analysis helps you determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • A percentile rank and estimated test score upon completion of the test
  • An essay scoring option
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