Free Screen Ruler with Delphi Source

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Measure Anything on your Computer Screen

Need to measure the distance between two points on your computer screen? Need to know the exact location and size of an element on a web page? Need to measure in pixels or millimeters, both horizontally and vertically?

Screen RULER allows you to precisely measure anything on your computer screen. If you need to determine width and/or height of any object on your screen, Screen RULER is the tool to use. Transparency, units in pixels and millimeters and screen snapping are some of the features.

Screen RULER

Highly configurable free Screen RULER utility enables you to easily find out the size of any item on the screen, for example, the size of a banner or the distance between two points.
  • Measure in pixels,
  • Measure in millimeters,
  • Customizable translucency,
  • Horizontal and Vertical tickers,
  • L shaped or Rectangle shaped
  • "Stay on TOP" window style (floating over other windows),
  • Screen edges snapping,
  • Remembers last state (position and options),
  • Mouse and keyboard moving/resizing,
  • FREE
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Developers can freely download the full Screen Ruler source (Delphi for WIN32)

Delphi developers can freely download the full Screen RULER source code (Delphi for WIN32 source).

Screen RULER provides (follow links to learn about the implementation) a transparent window, with no caption/title bar (that can be moved by dragging from inside forms client area) with stay on top option. Screen RULER is a great example of extending a form functionality (by overriding the CreateParams procedure). Position and options are stored to an INI file.

Screen RULER can be extended with new ideas; here are some you can add to the code: form/window skinning, non-rectangular appearance, measurement in other units (inches, picas, points, etc.), screen zooming, placement in System Tray, fancy popup menu, ruler background color, ticker color, etc.

Feel free and encouraged to add any of the new features to Screen RULER. Send me your version of Screen RULER, I'll be happy to make it available to others here.

If you need any help with the code, be sure to post your questions on the Delphi Programming Forum.

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Ruler Shape and Mouse Tracking

L Shaped Screen Ruler
L Shaped Screen Ruler.

Screen Ruler supports shaping: you can easily change the shape of the ruler from the standard rectangular display to the "L shaped" display.

Hit ALT+SHIFT+F12 and the ruler will follow the mouse without grabbing the input focus from your active window.

Your Extensions to Screen Ruler

Feel free and encouraged to add any of the new features to Screen RULER. Send me your version of Screen RULER, I'll be happy to make it available to others here.

Screen Ruler in Sytem Tray

by Barnard Peter
Well the good stuff just keeps on rolling in from About Delphi Programming. I just downloaded ScreenRuler and it's GREAT! Works so well in fact that it’s one of those things that just has to be in your system tray ready for use (especially if you’re designing those finicky reports that require precise positioning) I thought the best would be to marry it with another fantastic idea published on – minimize it to a Tray Icon on start up. I added the customary pop-up menu (Pop2) and did the necessary as learned in your article about tray icon creation. Just added form's CloseQuery and Destroy event handlers as well – there’s no knowing how programs are ended, not always as neatly as we would like to think. Anyway ... here’s the result. Screen Ruler in TRAY (source code).
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