Get Free Spanish Worksheets to Help Test Your Knowledge

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Try your hand at one of these free Spanish worksheets. Print one of them off to help you learn or reinforce your skills over numbers, colors, common phrases, and more.

Free Spanish Worksheets to Help You Learn Numbers

Learning to count in Spanish is a good first step in learning the language. These free Spanish worksheets will help you learn your numbers in Spanish to make everything from counting money to finding streets easier.

  • Visit Download Page - A 16-page worksheet that includes games to test your skills of Spanish numbers 1-100. Answer keys are included.
  • Download PDF - 12-page worksheet for testing if you know the numbers 1-10 in Spanish through various games, like counting the objects, matching the number with the Spanish word, and finishing a number series. Answers are included at the bottom.
  • Visit Download Page - An interesting crossword puzzle that has you spell out the Spanish word for the number in each box of the puzzle, such that "1 down" is "uno" because uno=1, etc. The puzzle has numbers zero through one hundred. The key is included.
  • Visit Download Page - This worksheet is just like the previous one except the numbers range from zero to one million.
  • Download DOC - These numbers are written in the wrong order. See if you can adjust these anagrams to reveal the correct Spanish numbers.
  • Download PDF - This worksheet contains several words and phrases related to telling time. Write out the Spanish translations for the English questions. Answers are at the very bottom of the last page.

    See How Well You Know Your Colors With These Free Spanish Worksheets

    Learning colors in Spanish is another basic skill to learn. These free Spanish worksheets will help you identify and write out colors.

    • Visit Download Page - Do you know your colors in Spanish? Fill out these boxes with the correct colors. 
    • Download PDF - Label the different parts of the rainbow with the right color. An answer key is included.
    • Download PDF - Color each object with the color listed below each of them.
    • Visit Download Page - A large, 18-page worksheet to learn Spanish terms for a number of colors. There's a word find, sentence completion, crossword, and multiple choice game included.
    • Visit Download Page - Fill out this crossword puzzle with Spanish colors. Each set of boxes has the color and first letter of the word as a clue. A word find is also included with this download, and the answer key is available for both the games.
    • Visit Download Page - This crossword puzzle is very similar to the one from above, except that you are only given color clues, not letter clues. Another game is included with this download, but it's not a crossword. The answer key is included below the games.

    More Free Spanish Worksheets

    Here are more free Spanish worksheets to help you with vocabulary and phrases concerning greetings, relatives, animals, body parts, shapes, and more.

    • Visit Download Page - Decide if Hello or Bye should be used in these 6 examples.
    • Download PDF - 32 word match questions. Write out the Spanish word that corresponds with the pictures and English adjectives.
    • Visit Download Page - Multiple games are included to test your knowledge of terms for relatives, such as parents, father, wife, cousins, etc.
    • Download PDF - Create descriptions of you and your family members using this worksheet of Spanish terms for relatives.
    • Visit Download Page - Test your knowledge of Spanish names for animals with a crossword puzzle, matching games, fill in the blank, a question and answer game, and more in this 30-page worksheet.
    • Visit Download Page - Match each Spanish phrase with the English equivalent. These phrases are centered around household items. Also, practice spelling the Spanish words through a word find.
    • Download PDF - Test your knowledge of the Spanish translations for shapes with this printable worksheet. Just draw a line from the word to the shape. An answer key is located at the very bottom of the document, along with the correct way to pronounce the shapes in Spanish. 
    • Visit Download Page - See if you can translate the English words relating to your body into Spanish, and then fill them out in the crossword. The answers are also included.
    • Download PDF - Read the English words or phrases and see if you can correctly match them up with the Spanish equivalents from the word list. Answers are located at the very bottom of the last page.
    • Visit Download Page - Match the Spanish words with the English translations for a number of verbs and simple words like man, woman, boy, and girl. The answers to the questions are also included.
    • Download PDF - See if you can translate these common Spanish words into English. An answer key is given for all the questions.
    • Download PDF - Fill in the blank to complete these Spanish sentences that are missing singular pronouns. These are multiple choice, and every answer is shown for you at the bottom of the final page.