23 Best Free Spring Wallpapers

A list of the best spring wallpapers for your computer

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These free spring backgrounds and wallpapers will help bring some sunshine into your home even if it's not quite springtime yet.

Below you'll find free spring wallpapers of flowers, landscapes, leaves, baby animals, butterflies, trees, and many more spring images. They're all free to download, so choose your favorite and in a few minutes, you'll have a lovely spring wallpaper as your computer background.

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Dogwood Blossom by WallpaperStock

Dogwood Blossom


Beautiful dogwood blossoms contrast with the bright blue sky in this free spring wallpaper.

There are five categories of sizes that this spring wallpaper can be downloaded in, including for normal, wide, HD, mobile, and social media cover photo dimensions.

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Yellow Daffodil by Wallpaper Cave

Yellow Daffodils


This spring background features a group of yellow daffodils against a bright blue springtime sky.

This free spring wallpaper was made to fit 2560x1600 resolutions, so if your screen has a smaller resolution, you can crop it down with an image editor.

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Purple Crocus by WallpaperStock

Purple Crocus


Nothing quite says that spring is coming like when you see the first crocus pop up through the snow.

This lovely spring wallpaper can be downloaded in both normal and widescreen resolutions. It's also available for mobile devices and cover photos, such as for Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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After the Rain by Vlad Studio

Spiderweb with rain droplets against a blue sky

 Vlad Studio

Imagine that a tiny computerized spider has walked across your screen and created this wonderful little spider web that just glistens with raindrops.

This free spring wallpaper can be downloaded in a wide variety of sizes of your normal or widescreen monitor (the size is determined automatically), but you have to make a user account first.

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Spring Wisp by WallpaperStock

Pink and white flowers


Blooming trees hold the promise of full green trees later in the year in this spring wallpaper.

Get this free spring wallpaper in a huge variety of sizes for normal, wide, HD, tablet, and mobile screens, plus for website cover photos.

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Fern Spring by Yosemite National Park

Fern Spring waterfall

 Yosemite National Park

Take a mini-vacation every time you look at this beautiful spring waterfall in Yosemite National Park.

There are lots of different sizes available of this spring wallpaper, so you should be able to easily find one to fit your background.

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Spring Daisies by All Free Download

Spring daisies

 All Free Download

Daisies reach up in the sky for the warm spring sun.

Get this free spring wallpaper for screens with resolutions of 1024x768, 1440x900, 1600x1200, and many others.

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Spring Glory by Crazy-Frankenstein

Yellow and blue bird on a branch with pink flowers and red leaves


A cute little bird celebrates the beginning of spring.

This spring wallpaper can be downloaded in 1024x768 for your ​full-screen monitor.

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Signs of Spring by eWallpapers

Grass poking through a snowy surface


The first signs of spring pop out from the snow in this free spring wallpaper.

You can get this free spring wallpaper in a ton of different sizes for your ​cell phone or computer monitor.

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Butterflies in Spring by TheWallpapers.org

Two butterflies on a yellow flower


This vivid spring wallpaper has two butterflies feeding on a beautiful spring flower.

This free spring wallpaper is available in a lot of different sizes for your computer and iPod.

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Pinwheels by WallpaperStock

Pinwheel flowers


This whimsical spring wallpaper features some lovely homemade pinwheels.

Grab this free spring wallpaper in 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, or 1600x1200, or you can pick from wide, HD, and mobile resolutions, as well as cover photo versions for social media sites.

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Baby Duck by Almaharii

Baby duck floating on water


Spring means new life, and that's exactly what this spring wallpaper celebrates.

Download this cute baby duck wallpaper to celebrate spring or any other time of renewal and life.

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End of a Storm by WallpaperStock

Rainbow coming through the clouds after a rainstorm


The spring storm has ended and a beautiful rainbow has appeared in the sky.

Get this free spring wallpaper in quite a few different sizes for your full-screen computer monitor.

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Picnic Spot by Wallpapers Wide

Green leaf in front of a blue sky

 Wallpapers Wide

A bit of greenery pokes up into the sky in this spring wallpaper.

This free spring wallpaper is available in a lot of different sizes for widescreen monitors.

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Spring Flowers by WallpaperStock

Blue and yellow flowers


Beautiful yellow and blue flowers see the light of spring in this free wallpaper.

This free spring wallpaper is available for download in many different resolutions for your normal, widescreen, or HD monitor along with your cell phone and tablet.

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Green Sprout by WallpaperStock

A green plant sprouting from the dirt


A tiny green sprout comes up from the ground in this early spring wallpaper.

You can download this free spring wallpaper in any size you need to fit your computer monitor or cell phone.

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Blissful Day by WallpaperStock

Green pasture against a bright blue sky


Blissful Day is a free spring wallpaper from WallpaperStock where the blue of the sky and the green of the grass seem to jump off the screen.

You can download this free spring wallpaper for your cell phone or computer monitor.

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Middle North Falls by WallpaperStock

Middle North Falls waterfall


A spring waterfall flows through a green forest in Silver Falls State Park, Salem, Oregon, in the early spring.

You can get this free spring wallpaper in many different sizes for your computer monitor or cell phone.

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Purple Spring Flowers by WallpaperStock

Purple flowers


Dainty purple flowers show their colors at the first sign of spring in this lovely spring wallpaper.

This free spring wallpaper is available for every size of ​a computer desktop.

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Beautiful Spring Flowers by WallpaperStock

Spring flowers with a sun glare


The beginning of spring is recognized by these beautiful flowers pushing their way up to the sun.

This spring wallpaper is available to download in all different sizes for your computer monitor, tablet, phone, or cover photo.

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Spring Leaves by WallpaperStock

Two green leaves on a twig


In this free spring wallpaper, two small leaves make their way into the world in early spring.

You can download this free spring wallpaper in 1024x768, 1152x864, or 1280x1024.

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Grand Tetons in the Spring by WallpaperStock

Grand Teton national park


This beautiful spring wallpaper features the Grand Teton mountains in the distance behind a beautiful field of purple and yellow Spring flowers. 

This wallpaper is available in normal, wide, HD, and table resolutions as well as a mobile background or cover photo.​​

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Red Tulips by Desktop Nexus

Red tulips

Desktop Nexus 

A favorite flower that indicates early spring is the tulip, and this spring wallpaper celebrates them in a big way. Bright red tulips reach up to the sky to grab the warmth and light of the early spring days.

This free wallpaper from DesktopNexus will be automatically set to fit your desktop or mobile device.

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