Free St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

Printable St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

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Whether you're a teacher or a parent, you're going to get a lot of use out of these free St. Patrick's Day worksheets. Bringing holidays into the classroom and home brings an extra bit of fun and really gets the kids engaged in their learning. With all these green leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, who can resist actually learning some math and reading skills?

These Ste. Patrick's Day worksheets cover all sorts of subjects including math, writing, poetry, foreign language, science, arts and music, spelling, and more. There is something for every grade level too. You'll find St. Patrick's Day activities for preschoolers all the way up to high school. Just use the search features on each site to find just the worksheets that you're looking for.

These St. Patrick's Day worksheets for kids are all free and can easily be printed from your home or work computer. The kids will love that their ordinary worksheets have a fun holiday twist. There are also some free resources for teachers including lesson plans and whiteboard activities.

You can find more themed worksheets for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween.

Free St. Patrick's Day Math Worksheets From

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There are St. Patrick's Day worksheets here on multiplication, addition, comparing numbers, patterning, counting, and missing digits. In addition to the worksheets is some fun graph paper that's themed for St. Patrick's Day.

You can also view these math worksheets from the most popular ones that people have downloaded and used. The worksheets are also categorized by their subject, with a suggested order of the worksheets included. This makes is possible to create a whole St. Patrick's Day unit if you'd like.

Click on a St. Patrick's Day worksheet to go to its download page where you can see a large preview and then either print it off or save it to your computer.

Free St. Patrick's Day Worksheets and Lesson Plans From The Teacher's Guide

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The Teacher's Guide has a bunch of free St. Patrick's Day worksheets that include odd and even numbers, skip counting, nouns, synonyms and antonyms, addition, incentive charts, and lined paper.

There are also free lesson plans and craft activities for teachers including PowerPoint presentations and links to online games and puzzles.

The kids will love to complete these fun St. Patrick's Day worksheets.

Free St. Patrick's Day Creative Writing Prompts from KidZone

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KidZone has a bunch of free St. Patrick's Day creative writing prompts that include word wall word activities and templates, draw and write prompts, informational writing, journaling, story sparks, and picture sparks.

These free worksheets can be downloaded in color or black and white.

Free Limerick Worksheet from K12 Reader

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St. Patrick's Day is a great time to teach students how to write a limerick, which is a funny five-line poem associated with Ireland's County Limerick.

This free worksheet explains how to write a limerick and starts the kids off with the first line for two poems.

Teachers Pay Teachers' Free St. Patrick's Day Worksheets

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Teachers Pay Teachers has over 4,000 free St. Patrick's Day worksheets in Arts & Music, Foreign Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and other categories. 

You can sort these worksheets by grade level, best seller, most recent, and rating. 

You have to log in to download these items, but registration is free.

St. Patrick's Day Super Pack of Worksheets from Miniature Masterminds

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Miniature Masterminds has a huge 56-page worksheet pack that's all about St. Patrick's Day. These are great for kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, and the lower elementary grades.

Included in the pack is pattern creation, letter practicing, writing practice, coloring pages, graphing, bookmarks, and more. 

You can find more St. Patrick's Day worksheets and activities from Miniature Masterminds, too.​'s St. Patrick's Day Worksheets and Printables

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There are over 100 free St. Patrick's Day worksheets and printables over at Besides the free worksheets, you'll also find free lesson plans and hands-on activities all about St. Patrick's Day.

You can view the free worksheets by grade level and subject (e.g., fine arts, math, reading & writing) and sort the results by popularity, highest rated and most recent, making it easy to find just what you're looking for.

DLTK's St. Patrick's Day Anagram Printable

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This printable worksheet for St. Patrick's Day tests spelling skills through 10 anagrams. Get them all done and there's another hidden, 10-letter word.

You can print this St. Patrick's Day worksheet in color or black and white, and the answer sheet is available on the same download page.

Also on this website are other St. Patrick's Day worksheets for kids, including a maze, Sudoku, math worksheet, and a crossword.

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