Free Subtraction Worksheets and Printables


The worksheets are listed in sequence of difficulty. Remember, an early undertstanding of numeracy leads to a better academic career! See article below worksheets for strategies for teaching how to subtract.

When learning the subtraction facts, children first need to work with 1 less than. With numbers between 1-12, ask what is one less or if one is removed or taken away. Once this is understood, move into 2 less and 3 less than. Begin with oral work and the use of buttons, coins or candies to show the visual.  When a child can count to ten, you can begin oral work for subtraction. Remember that counting is often just rote/memory, hence you should be asking this type of question: What number comes before 8? What number comes before 5? What number comes before 3? (you can also say, what number comes after any given number but after is leading to addition. When the learner is comfortable answering questions with numbers before 5, 8, and 7 etc.

you can then introduce the term, if I have 7 and I take one away, what am I left with? Once a child understands that one less and take away 1, you can move to two less and take away two, be sure to use coins, buttons or any type of manipulative. Once, understood, move to a paper copy, see the above worksheets for 1 less than, 2 less than etc.



Use the variety of worksheets found here to enhance the understanding of subtraction

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