Free Online Public Schools for Wisconsin Students, PK-12

A Variety of Curriculum Options for All Resident Students

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Wisconsin offers resident students the opportunity to take online public school courses for free. Though students normally attend a public school in the district where they live, Wisconsin allows students to enroll in public schools in other districts, so although a school is chartered in one district, students statewide can enroll.


JEDI Virtual Online PK-12 School

JEDI Virtual School, a not-for-profit charter school, offered its first distance education class in the 1996-1997 school year and was the first school of its kind in Wisconsin. JEDI focuses on personalized attention. Full-time online students are assigned, in addition to their highly qualified teachers, learning coaches to help with time management and tracking students’ achievements. Also, a student services coordinator oversees course schedules, monitors grades and attendance, and makes any necessary schedule adjustments. Curriculum options include AP and dual-credit courses. The chartering district is Whitewater Unified School District. 

Wisconsin Virtual Academy

Wisconsin Virtual Academy (WIVA)’s core values are “Achieve, Communicate, Collaborate & Engage (ACCE).” WIVA promotes a collaborative, student-centered approach to ​developing young adults who are ready for college or a career. With the school’s individualized program, K-5 students learn at their own pace in a mastery-based curriculum. Middle school students study core subjects as well as self-guided electives in music or world language. High schoolers have a diversity of options for meeting their educational needs. This full-time, tuition-free, online public charter school is authorized by the McFarland School District.

Monroe Virtual Middle School​​

The Monroe Virtual Middle School (MVMS) uses computer-based courses, correspondence, independent study and experiential credit-based options to offer a flexible approach to earning middle school credit. Approved by the School District of Monroe Board of Education, MVMS offers a three-year middle school diploma. The MVMS program understands that all students are entitled to have the opportunity to earn a middle school education, but not all students are well served in a traditional classroom setting. Students at MVMS can earn credit for work study and service learning.​

eAchieve Academy

The vision of the eAchieve Academy team is as follows: “Using today's technology to educate tomorrow's leaders.” All Academy faculty and staff pledge to help students develop to their full potential and lay the groundwork for life success. To bolster that pledge, the curriculum at eAchieve is constantly evolving, as courses, technologies and social opportunities are added to address the needs of the diverse student body. First known as iQAcademy Wisconsin, eAchieve Academy has the most graduates and some of the best ACT and high school WKCE scores of any online Wisconsin high school. eAchieve added its virtual middle school in 2009 and its virtual elementary school in 2014. The school can boast of four National Merit Scholar Finalists and 916 total high school graduates since 2004 (as of May 2017).

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