Useful Phrases to Use in French Class

French teacher writing the phrase "today it is nice, tomorrow..." on a chalkboard

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If you are a student of French, you should learn typical classroom requests and statements expressed as French words and phrases. The more you use French in context and hear it spoken, the more you will internalize it. After a while, it becomes natural, as though you've always known it. The younger you are, the easier it is to learn another language; the older you get, the more you need to practice.

Essential Phrases to Use in French Class

Pay close attention to how you say these words and phrases in French, particularly the vowels, which require you to open your mouth and elongate your lips much more than in English. If you say a French o, for instance, form your lips in the shape of an o; you'd be surprised how much this helps achieve a true French sound.

Click on the links to hear how the words and phrases are pronounced. To make it easier to learn how to say the word or phrase in French, the meaning is given first in English, followed by the French translation:

Essential Words to Use in French Class

Sometimes you only need a single word to make your point clear in class. The examples show you how to say classroom words in French:


Asking how to say words in French class will be easier with the following translations:

Listening and Understanding

You'll know how to ask for help in the classroom after you study the following questions and requests:

Resources and Tips

In addition to classroom words and phrases, take the time to review essential Frenchgreetings, terms of politeness, and additional words for school and supplies, as well as the most common French phrases and words.

If you need more practice to feel comfortable using these expressions, try enlisting a friend or family member to help you: For instance, one of you could say the expression in English, while the other gives the translation in French.

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